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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Round 7 is Underway. Prometheus Takes Us Out of the Gate. Those Strange Control Room Items. The Imaginarium.

Round 7 In The Voyager Club's Long Duration Mission Program is Underway

      The Prometheus Squadron was the first team out of the gate for the 7th round of the 2014-2015 Long Duration Mission.  Prometheus came into Round 7 as the winners of Round 6.  They are an excellent team and well in the running for the ultimate prize - Top Team for 2014-2015.

     Mason was acting oddly during the pre-mission briefing in the conference room.  He sat at the table with his arm up (as shown above), elbow planted firmly on the surface. Clearly he wasn't brought up with a 'no elbows on the table' rule like I was.  
     "Mason," I asked, not wanting to sound judgemental or critical, "why are you sitting like that?"
     "Like what?" Mason replied with a confused look.
     "With your arm up like that?" 
     Mason glanced at his wrist, then at the team sitting around him. That's when I understood. He was showing off his ultra cool, three dial Mickey Mouse watch.  Mason was fishing and I wasn't going to leave him without a bite.
     "Is that a new watch?" I asked enthusiastically. 
     "What, this old thing?" he replied. "Naw, I've had it for a few weeks or so."  
     "Well, let's see it." I had him walk around the table to show it off, and he did a fine job of it. He could easily be one of those hand models for gloves or watches or something. The pre-mission briefing continued. Mason kept us informed of the time.  At least that's how I remember things. I may have gotten a few facts wrong. You'll have to check with Mason about that. 

     The team left the briefing with a hands in team cheer led by Coach Lystrup.  Then it was on to destiny. 
     "You know this is the team to beat," Coach Lystrup asked me as we walked down the hall toward the Magellan. 
     "Well, I'd expect you to say that. You're their coach," I replied. 
     "Come on, admit it. No other team comes close, right?" he pressed. 
     "I can't say that."
     "Yes, you can and you will by the time we're done with this round. Let's just say we have it in the bag."  
     Coach Lystrup is dedicated to his squad - there is no doubt about it.  The team did as predicted. It was hard to find fault. In fact, all five squadrons are doing better and better with each round. Scores are higher than ever before. It has been a great LDM season. 
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One of Those Odd Control Room Fixtures

     Every simulator control room has them, those odd trinkets, stuffed animals, good luck charms, motivational posters, demotivational posters, pictures, string lights, etc.  The Magellan Control Room is no exception. Look at what I found attached to the wall next to the video station.

     I'm sure there is an inside joke associated with this strange item, but darn if I just don't care.  It is good enough just to post the picture and leave it at that.
     Does your simulator's control room have things like this?  If so, please snap and send a picture to After all, everyone loves to contribute to The Troubadour!

Mr. Williamson

The Imaginarium

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