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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Be One of the First to See the Newly Installed Voyager Simulator Signage. Theater Imaginarium. The Imaginarium.

Griegg Johnson (aka. The Green Machine) with Voyager Signs
The USS Voyager's New Signs

     Renaissance Academy's USS Voyager II has signs!  I got a email from Griegg Johnson telling me our signs were delivered to his office at Alphagraphic in Sandy.  I drove up the next day, met Griegg and picked up the signs.  Griegg is a long time friend and supporter, a 2014-15 LDM coach, and veteran Space Center volunteer from the 1990's. Griegg is the only Space Center volunteer I know of notorious enough to have his own nickname. We called him "The Green Machine", henchman of the traitor Mad Dog. 
     The signs were designed by BJ Warner with creative input from Todd Rasband and a few other imagineers of his choosing; all done on their own time, exemplifying that steadfast volunteering spirit central to this endeavor. 
     A team of young Voyager Cadets hung most of the signs in the Voyager on Saturday. Isaac Ostler was appointed head sign deployer.  He was assisted by Carter G., and Zeddy N., from the Cobra Squadron and Jodi B., from the Phoenix White squadron.  I purchased the velcro strips and helped with the spirit level, while Alex Anderson supervised and advised. How many people does it take to hang a Voyager sign you wonder?  Let me remind you that this is government work. That should answer your question :)  Brent Anderson did not help hang signs. He put his time to better use programming the Voyager's Timeline in the Control Room. 
Jodi and Carter. Zeddy and Isaac escaped before the picture was taken
     Our team of young wall decorators took on a second assignment on Saturday. With air pumps in hand, they successfully - and skillfully I might add - added air to the Voyager's bridge chairs. It was a delicate task requiring one to pump while the other held the stopper. It was a marvel to see them work so well together as a team.   

      The signs are designed to be backlit so they'll appear slightly dark until we install the lights.  This is one of the bridge signs. I'm sure J.E.T.T stands for something very important.  The code associated with each letter must do something......  There is always more imagineering to do.

     Another sign with cool indicators. I'm assuming all in the acceptable range for starship operations.

     This sign greets you as you exit the Transition Room and enter the bridge deck.  Be sure to remember your XS-1 and your WA-2s.  If not, you won't pass your TLM  X47 panel maintenance quiz. 

     Just in case you'd forgotten where you were.

     All jumpships have a Security Matrix Access Point panel reminding you to be careful NOT to walk into the electrified force field separating containment from the hallway proper.  A nasty shock awaits anyone foolhardy enough not to stop and read.

     This sign looks more important than the rest.  I'm a bit concerned the blue and red stabilizers are out of alignment. We'll need Tex to get on that right away.  Yes, Tex will be called in from retirement to take the position of Voyager Chief Engineer. He spent the last three years spending time on his most favorite hobby.  In his spare time, Tex likes to sit quietly.  

     Two very important room signs. You definitely want to know where these rooms are located.
     The Voyager is nearly finished.  You should be feeling that urge to don your uniform, refresh your knowledge of jumpship technology, and contact Space Guard with your availability for service.  Earth needs you, now more than ever!

Mr. Williamson 

Theater Imaginarium

The Imaginarium

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