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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dream Flight Adventures' New Maelstrom Mission Video Along With Videos of the Highlander's Containment Mission. The Imaginarium.

Hello Troubadours!
     More news from our good friends at Dream Flight Adventures with simulators in Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., and Venezuela. We start with a new introductory video for their Maelstrom mission followed by a description of the mission's briefing. 
     Dream Flight Adventures' founder, Gary Gardiner, got bitten with by the simulator based experiential learning bug after spending time at the Space Center aboard the USS Voyager.  That inspiration led to a desire to found a company to recreate that experience with a strong STEM focus to students worldwide. Dream Flight Adventures is the result.
     Gary and team are doing amazing work.  What you'll see below is just a small example.   


Dream Flight Adventures' A New Mission Trailer for Dream Flight Adventures Maelstrom Mission

Maelstrom Summary:
Time is up! Peponi is a bustling city-state on a beautiful island. For centuries it has been a center of commerce, trade, and cultural exchange—but there’s a problem. Peponi sits atop a volcanic island that has lied dormant for centuries but has recently become active. With no way to stop the eruption, Peponi officials have rushed to create an evacuation plan. Peponi’s engineers have devised a brilliant system of booster rockets that will pick up the entire city and transport it over the ocean to a new location. Their scouts have been searching for a suitable location, but unfortunately time has run out —the volcano is about to erupt and Peponi must move now!
The best location that has been found lies along the Tufani River on the far side of the Naruto Sea. Water plays a significant role in almost every aspect of the city’s life—it provides hydroelectric power, connections for trade, irrigation for farmers, and recreation for the people. Peponi officials have called upon the Infinity Knights—the renowned protectors and peace and justice throughout the universe—to help determine where along the river to land each part of the city to best protect its diverse way of life.
But it’s not that simple. The evacuation booster rockets only have enough fuel for about 30 minutes, which is barely enough time to get to the Tufani River. The Infinity Knights crew must work quickly—while the city is in flight—to identify an ideal landing spot before it arrives.
To make matters worse, the flight plan passes directly through the Nenaunir Maelstrom, a region of the Naruto Sea that is filled with treacherous storms. No one who has ventured into the maelstrom has ever returned, but Peponi has no other choice. They are relying on the Infinity Knights to guide them safely through the Maelstrom to their new home!

Dream Flight Adventures:  IKS Highlander Completes Another Rousing Round of Contaminant

Attention: 8th Grade Science Students at J.E. Harrison Middle School have completed the Contaminant Mission and Mission Ops Experience. This Mission connected to their Unit on Human Impacts on Earth Systems.  Students worked to solve the mystery surrounding a river system and the polluted waters impact on the environment.
During their Mission Ops Experience they learned Sustainability via Aquaponics… using Fish to grow food!  As well as designing and engineering residential Rain Barrels.
Take a few minutes to see how it all played out.

The Imaginarium


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