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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Watch Operation RX from the IKS Highlander Simulator. Watch the IKS Artemis Charger's Crew in Action. Farpoint's Phoenix Gray Squadron, First to do Round 3. Theater Imaginarium.

Dream Flight Adventures Update. New Videos
Hello Space Fans!
     Our friends at Dream Flight Adventures are busy spreading the gospel of experiential, simulator based education on the east coast and Venezuela. With a fleet of Voyager inspired simulators, inspired educators run outstanding STEAM centered missions. Thousands of students have been influenced by Gary Gardiner and his associates.  
    Dreamflight is constantly receiving videos from their simulators around the globe—fantastic footage of students tackling important problems in high-stakes missions.  Today we share two videos.
   Here’s a brand new one from the IKS Highlander featuring Operation Rx.  Baldwin graduate and Duquesne Pharmacy student, Natalie Turin, along with Mrs. Rogiero  and Mr. Kaleta at Harrison Middle School, Pennsylvania, ran a special mission in the Mission Ops classroom during the month of March. Operation Rx is a unit Natalie designed herself to help promote the medical sciences and provide students with an understanding of the work put into diagnosing and treating patients with medical conditions. This Health enrichment mission used topics like body systems, equations and conversions, and scientific properties.  Operation Rx acted as an extension of the Pandemic mission which was has been running for 6th Grade Health Students throughout the year.

Congratulations to the IKS Highlander crew and flight directors for another fantastic example of hands-on experiential learning!!
And to top us off, here’s a great video from the IKS Artemis Charger in Venezuela:

Farpoint Voyagers Start Round 3

     Renaissance Academy's Phoenix Gray Squadron of the Farpoint Voyager Club started the third round of this year's Long Duration Mission last Thursday.  It was a nail biter from start to finish.  "This was the most intense mission so far," was how one of the cadets summed up the experience.  "I think we did pretty good. Let's see how the other squadrons do."   

     While no strikes were issued, there was one major hiccup that needed pointing out.  Flight Director Connor handle that before the team exited the Magellan.  

  What better way to relax after an adrenaline two hour rush than with a glazed doughnut in the Discovery Room.  Coach Brittney pointed out the team's strengths and helped them understand their weaknesses as we prep for the fourth scored round.

     Overall, a good performance from the Phoenix Grays.

Stephen Hawkin's Starshot 5 to Head To Alpha Centauri, the Sun's Nearest Neighbor Star

Earthlings may have left boot prints on the moon, but even nearby stars, such as the bright Alpha Centauri system, have long been out of reach.
That may not be the case for long.
Famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, billionaire investor Yuri Milner and a panel of scientists announced today (April 12) that they plan to send hundreds, if not thousands, of tiny spaceships into space, toward Alpha Centauri.  Read more at
Theater Imaginarium

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