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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center Sets New All Time Camp Attendance Record! Over Two Hundred Attend STEM Camp and Day Camp. Several Farpoint Cadets Participated. The Imaginarium.

A new CMSEC Space Center camp record was set Monday.  Close to 230 campers descended on Central Elementary School for the Space Center's Day Camp and the Spokes, Biking Across America STEM camps - sponsored by the Space Center.

This summer, a team of 7 MIT and Harvard students are biking across the United States in collaboration with edX and Teach for America as part of an effort to rethink STEM education. As they go, they stop at a dozen schools, libraries, and camps throughout the country to hold learning festivals. At each school, they teach hands-on, project-based classes based on their passions in STEM. They stay with host families as they bike from community to community in their cross country trek. 

The 2017 SPOKES Team at the Utah Border

The Space Center was their Monday stop.  Waiting for them were two hundred junior and senior high school students. Half attended the AM three-hour session. The other hundred attended the PM three-hour session. The hands on workshops focused on science, technology, engineering, and math.  

Running concurrently with the various SPOKES camps was the Space Center's Day Camp. Thirty-two campers boarded the Space Center's four starships for a full day in space! With both camps combined there were 230 campers at the Space Center on the same day. That is a new, all time record in the Space Center's 27-year history. 

Several Farpoint cadets from Renaissance Academy attended the SPOKES camp. Sebastian and Brendan are sitting against the wall. Both are outstanding students.

"What's a fun fact about yourself?" the SPOKES teacher asked the class. A student replied, "I can do a backflip!" A demonstration was in order! 

Farpoint Voyager Cadets Brad and Ethan at the SPOKES camp

The SPOKES teachers were amazed at the number of campers. It was the biggest group all summer, even beating last year's top numbers.  

And right there alongside the STEM SPOKES camp was the Space Center's Day Camp.  Thirty-two campers on thrilling adventures in the cosmos.  

"How fun were today's camps?"
"This Fun," Lindsey replied.
The Odyssey Day Campers Ready for blast off

The brave crew of the Phoenix

The Galileo Crew learning their jobs
Matt getting hydrated for his Galileo mission

The Magellan's Volunteers Ready for Greenpeace Action! 
Team Magellan finishing up their training

Space Center Director James Porter thanked the SPOKES team.  "We are so grateful for the MIT/Harvard students and their efforts and wish them well and they continue their journey. We hope to see them again next year," he said. 

Mr. Williamson

The Imaginarium

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