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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Over 33,000 Students Will Experience a Space Simulator Experience this School Year! The Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center in Numbers. Space News. Posts from the Past: January 2001. Theater Imaginarium.

Pictures from The Troubadour's Historical Archives: The crew of the USS Voyager on a 48 Hour Summer Camp

Hello Troops,

It is time for a rousing chorus of "Hurrahs!", high fives, and pats on the back as we congratulate Utah County's space centers for successfully completing their summer camp seasons. Summer camp work usually means long hours flying extended missions matching wits with some of Utah's brightest kids. Sometimes the campers win and defeat the missions; other times the staffs prove too clever and send the younglings to their demise. 
All in good fun.

Pictures from The Troubadour's Historical Archives: The staff and volunteers line up for summer camper votes.

Pictures from The Troubadour's Historical Archives: Summer campers from Central Elementary. 

Now it's time for the space center community to take a vacation, recharge the batteries, reignite the imagination, and prepare for the 2017-2018 school year. We have a lot to do. If I'm doing my math correctly, over 33,000 students will have the opportunity this year to experience starship missions at the Christa McAuliffe, Lions Gate, Telos Discovery, and Farpoint Space Education Centers and the many InfiniD labs in northern Utah. 

Pictures from The Troubadour's Historical Archives: Summer Campers get up and get ready for breakfast
Pictures from The Troubadour's Historical Archives: The Programming Guild kept the computers running and the ship's operational.
I asked Mr. Porter, Director of the CMSEC, for a review of the year in numbers as the CMSEC wraps up its summer camp season.  My curiosity was sparked after looking at the Space Center's private mission calendar.  The four simulators were busy, the busiest they'd been in four years.  To quote that favorite "Wake Up from Death Time" music I religiously used in my Voyager overnight camp days, we're "Back in the Saddle Again!"  

Here are the numbers as reported by Mr. Porter.

2015 had a 21% increase in private flights from 2014. 2016 went up 16% from 2015, and as of this month, 2017 is only 20% behind 2016's total.  So with 5 months left, we're doing pretty well.  We did twice as many flights in the Odyssey and Magellan in the month of June as we did last year. 
We're averaging 9,000 students per year with field trips.  I don't have a running total calculated right now for how many kids that is or how many people visit the space center in total.  Our field trip schedule is full and our first non-central class shows up on September 1st in order to accommodate more classes.

The Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center has one full-time director and 18 part time employees.  The roll shows 50 active volunteers who work a minimum of 2 flights a month.  The sum of all the active volunteer hours is at 14,000 hours for 2017.

James Porter
Pictures from The Troubadour's Historical Archives: Camper's enjoy breakfast with the staff (Casey Voeks)

Space News
by Mark Daymont

International Space Station: The View from the Cupola.

Astronaut Peggy Whitson doing what any one of us would do in space: Look back at Earth. (NASA)

When members of the International Space Station aren't doing experiments, maintaining the station, eating, or doing hours of exercise, they share a common interest: looking at home. In the photo above, posted by astronaut Peggy Whitson, she comments that even after 638 days in space, she finds the view incredible. She is pictured above during some personal time in the cupola, the station's best viewport of the planet Earth. Click to enlarge. There is a Russian spacecraft visible in the upper left, and a solar panel just off to the center left.

What would you most want to view from space?
Blast from the Past. Messages of Interest from the Space Center's First Internet Staff and Volunteer Group. This Post: January 2001.

January 18, 2001
The Space Center's Programming Class Starts

The MDA will begin it's first semester on Wednesday, February 7, 2001, offering the following courses:

MDA 100/110 — Fundamentals of Multimedia Design/Beginning Development with HyperCard: The first half of this course will focus on basic graphic design principles and project planning strategies. The second half will focus on applying those principles in the HyperCard programming environment. Held every Wednesday for 9 weeks (Feb. 7-Apr. 4), from 5:00-6:30 p.m.  MDA 200/210 — Intermediate Concepts in Multimedia Design/Intermediate Development with HyperCard (Prerequisite: MDA 100/110 or equivalent, or instructor's consent): This course will elaborate on the principles and skills learned in MDA 100/110. Held every Wednesday for 9 weeks (Feb. 7-Apr. 4), from 6:45-8:15 p.m.

NOTE: Those who took a HyperCard class (basic or advanced) from Allan Stewart should enroll in MDA 200/210.

For both courses, 45 minutes of each class period will be devoted to instruction. The remaining 45 minutes will be left to the students to work on individual projects.

Brian Hawkins, chief programmer at the Space Center, will teach both courses. If you have specific questions regarding the curriculum, you may email him at:

January 18, 2001
James Porter Reflexs on What he has Learned from the Space Center as he Starts a New Job

I would like to tell you of the helpful experience I have received from volunteering at the center. As I have recently been employed by the Wynsong 12 near Orem but sadly in Provo, I have noticed some ... stuff. From the all mighty Mr. Williamson, I have learned much. 

First, is that, "It is better to look good, than to feel good." This definitely applies with my new vest and bow tie I HAVE to wear.

Second, and this one has been the greatest help, "We are -getting gratuity- until 10:30." Sorry for the alteration, that is what Mr. Williamson meant to say anyway. In my job I cannot stand still waiting for customers. With the art of spray and wipe mastered at the space center I have no trouble always looking busy.

Third, always try to wear a smile. Pretty self-explanatory.

Fourth and final, work hard while the employer is watching. I won't try to quote exactly but it was something to the effect of, "I wasn't bumped up the employee scale because I worked the hardest. I just worked the hardest when the boss was around." This helped out on the first night. We were cleaning up to go and were just waiting to get passed off. I noticed the manager coming and began to wipe down some of the cupboards. The manager gave us a pass so all that was left to do was mop. The manager asked who was going to and the other guys pointed out that the new guy always does it. The manager looked at me then looked back at the guy and smoothly stated, "How come he is the only one still cleaning? You will mop up tonight." As she pointed to the guy who spoke up.

So, in conclusion, I must give thanks. To the space center for all it's help and future help in the development of people. And of course, to Mr. Williamson and his words of advice. Thanks!

James Porter

January 20, 2001
Change the Name of the Space Center

Hey everyone!  My Mom has lately been voicing ideas for the Space Center, and I thought that I would post them.  All of the following ideas are from my Mom.
Instead of calling the Space Center the Space Center, call it the Space Place.Have the official shirt of the Voyager's be neon pink.  We could then, instead of calling it the Space Place, call it the Cool Space Place.
I am sure that there are other ideas my Mom has had, but I can't think of any now.
Scott Slaugh

January 22, 2001
New Volunteers (Pioneers) to Wear Red Shirts

Enter your vote today! Check out the new poll for the spaceedventures group:
Pioneers! The Space Center is requiring all Pioneers to wear red Space Center T shirts. New red shirts will be purchased for you with the word "Pioneers" on the sleeve. These are free of charge. Please let me know your size in this poll. You have 1 week to state your size before the order goes in. thank you.
o small
o medium
o large
o XLarge
o XXLarge

January 22, 2001
The Summer Camp Program for 2001 is Announced. The First EdVenture Camp!

Hello Troops!
The Space Center's Summmer Camp Schedule is posted on the egroup calendar. Look over the summer calendar to see what we will be up to this summer. You will notice the following:

1. We will run 4 of the 48 hour camps. We ran 6 last summer.
2. We are starting a new camp called "EdVenture Camp". This will be a 4 day camp. The campers will sleep here 3 nights. This camp will have the full simulator rotations as a 48 hour camp. In addition to the simulations, we will have more class sessions and field trips to Hansen Planetarium in Salt Lake City and Thanksgiving Point. We have arranged for swimming at PG Pool. We also have permission to let them use the showers at the pool in
the mornings.
3. The Day Camps have been shortened from 3 days to 2. The daily hours have been increased by 2. The Day Camp will be classes in the morning and simulations in the afternoons. We will take 45 students per day for Day Camp.
4. We will continue to offer our one night Overnight Camps.
5. We will offer the Oceanography Super Saturday Program.
6. We will over 4 evenings of Space Academy in June.

Of course, in addition to all of this we will still open for private missions as needed.

It should be a fun filled summer at the Space Center. The registration flyers will be sent out in February.

Any comments, suggestions, or Questions?

..........That is All.

Mr. Williamson

January 24, 2001
The Space Center is the Best Value

Hello Troops,
I've just finished a cost comparison for our Space Center and other space camps in the USA. This is the breakdown.

Comparsion price:
Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center: $4.00 per instruction hour. 
US Space Camp (Florida, Alabama, California): $9.57 per instruction hour.
Kansan Cosmosphere Astrocamp: $7.73 per instruction hour.
Hawaii Star Quest Camp: $6.25 per hour.

As you can see, we offer the best value for your money! (if you don't mind sleeping on cots and showering at a swimming pool :) 

Mr. Williamson

January 27, 2001
The Space Center first Internet Group Changed from EGroup to a YahooGroup

Hello Troops,

Remember, the egroup was converted yesterday to a Yahoo egroup. Please go to your egroup account and follow the instructions to convert you egroup account. I've also opened the membership list so you can see if your friends are online or not. Yahoo groups uses a smiling or sleeping face to indicate whether someone is online. That way you can meet in the chat room and discuss things - like carpooling.

We just finished a fun overnight mission for Alpine Elementary School. We are now starting the new Oceanography Super Saturday.

All the Best!
Mr. Williamson

..............that is all.....

January 29, 2001
The February Volunteering Calendar

Hello Troops,
Thanks for all you do!  This is the tentative working schedule for February's overnight camps. I tried to be fair and award missions on

1. How many you said you could do.
2. Your seniority based on your points.

Please look this over carefully. If I've made mistakes please let me know ASAP. There will be changes so remember this is not written in stone.

For those of you that wanted more missions - remember, more people will book flights. I'll post any missions that book by phone on the Egroup. Keep reading your egroup mail.



February 2 (Friday) Overnight Mission
1. Brady Y.
2. Soren
3. Matt L.
4. Bryson L.
5. Hayden M.
6. Josh W.
7. James P.
8. Stephen P.
9. Randy J.
10. Charlie H.
11. Bryce R.

February 9 (Friday) Overnight Mission
1. Soren
2. Clark A.
3. Rick C.
4. Rio D.
5. Ryan P.
6. James P.
7. Stephen P.
8. Josh W.
9. Randy J.
10. Brandon C.
11. Jamie
12. Justin M.
13. Jennifer R.

February 16 (Friday) Overnight Mission
1. Brady Y.
2. Soren
3. Chase W.
5. Bailey H.
6. Rio D.
7. Bryson L.
8. Metta S.
9. Josh W.
10. James P.
11. Stephen P.
12. Randy J.
13. Andy Heaton

February 23 (Friday) Overnight Mission
1. Soren
2. McKay E.
3. Scott S.
4. Tanner E.
5. Mitch C.
6. Josh W.
7. James P.
8. Stephen P.
9. Randy J.
10. Brandon C.
11. Charlie H.
12. Bryce R.
13. Jamie

Imaginarium Theater
The Best Gifs of the Week Edited for a Gentler Audience

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