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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Last Chance to Attend a Space Center Summer Camp. The Space Center's History from the First Blog, Today: January 2001. Open House for Parents. New Voyagers Promoted. James Porter Says NO. Discovery and Galileo Dedication. Submarine Missions Start in the Odyssey and Galileo. Magellan News.

Last Chance to Attend a CMSEC Summer Camp

This week has the last open spots for summer camps this year. We have a 2 Day Camp this Thursday and Friday. Everything else is completely full. This is your last chance to sign up this summer. You can of course still make reservations as a group or even plan ahead for our school year camps.

 Jordan SmithBrylee PerryTabitha LongNatalie AndersonJon ParkerDevin SudweeksLissa Eagar and Ryan Wells (Central Elementary School Principal).

A quick shout out to the Space Center's amazingly talented staff. They had a break this last week and visited 
Mystery Escape Room SLC. One of the CMSEC's two groups did their space ship themed room, crushing the best posted time by 6 minutes! Way to represent CMSEC staff.

The History of the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center in Posts from the Center's First Internet Social Site: The SpaceEdVentures YahooGroup

People Mentioned: Metta Smith, Mitch Comfort, Soren Seibach, Kyle Herring, James Porter, Dave Wall, Janeal Nuttal, Debbie Wallis, Mark Daymont. 

January 2, 2001
Getting Ready for an Open House for Parents of Staff and Volunteers.

Hello Troops!
There is a special 10th birthday open house for all staff, Voyagers, Pioneers, and your parents on January 15th. There will be a short meeting where so we can personally thank your parents for supporting the Center. After the short meeting the Center will be open for tours. You may personally take your parents on a tour of the Center. The staff will be standing by to answer any of your parent's questions. This will be a great opportunity to let your parent's see the "coolness" of the place.

Thanks and I'll see all of you on the 15th. 

Check the egroup calendar for times.

..........."That is All"

Mr. Williamson

January 4, 2001
Metta Smith and Mitch Comfort Promoted to Voyagers

Congratulations to Metta Smith and Mitch Comfort! Both have been promoted to the Voyager Society. 
On behalf of the Staff of the Center I say "Excellent Work!"

Space Center Director James Porter Gets Asked to Preference.

Today I was asked to "Preference" which is a girls choice dance. Being the type of person who doesn't like those sorts of things I quickly found her at lunch and gave her a paper saying "NAY, I have work at this time & am unable to go." I have created a poll around 
this. I was just wondering what some of you think.

-James P.

Dave Wall's Response to James' decision

Mr. Porter,

Sorry, I never finished answering your question last night at the open house, but I will finish off now. It seems some people have written about your "obligation" to say yes and go to the dance. Obligation? What, is this girl your wife? You don't have any obligation whatsoever to say yes. This is a social event, not a life-or-death situation. If you really don't want to go, then it's probably better not to go and make her suffer through a miserable evening. The important issue is that if you are going to say no, that you do so courteously and in a timely fashion.

On the other hand, as it is not a life-or-death situation, it wouldn't kill you to go. Who knows, you might even have a good time. Saying yes to a dance is not a lifetime vow, it is just saying that you will try and make the best out of one evening. Really, either way, you choose, it just is not that important.

Your obedient,
"It's Your Life and You Can Do What You Want" Wall

January 9, 2001
More News on the Open House. Discovery Room and the New Galileo Officially Open

Hello Troops,
I've had a few of you contact me with questions about the Open House. Here are your  answers:

1. Yes, there is an open house tomorrow (Wednesday)
2. Yes, there is an open house on Monday, January 15th. 

Yes, that means 2 Open Houses.

The one Wednesday evening is to open the Discovery and the GalileoIf interested, all egroup members are invited to attend. All Blue and Green Shirts are required to attend and help with crowd control. Voyager Society members are optional. 

The program on the 15th is open to the general public. We will also need volunteers that evening. We will worry about the 15th once we are finished with the 10th. 

Blue Shirts, Voyagers, and Pioneers, Monday evening would be the time for your families to attend and tour the Center. 

So, Yes - Discovery, Galileo Commissioning Wednesday evening. Open House Monday evening.  I hope this clears up any confusion.

......................................"That is All"

Mr. Williamson

January 11, 2001
Discovery and Galileo Open to the Public.

Last night's celebration went very well. The Discovery and Galileo were officially opened. Plaques were presented to Kyle Herring and Janeal Nuttal to hang in the new additions to the Center.

There was a reporter from the Deseret News on hand to cover the event so those of you that take the DS keep an eye out for the article and then please post when you see it so we can grab a copy.

Some of you may have seen us on Channel 2's "Utah Alive" show yesterday. If so, "What did you think?"

Also, how many read the article in the Pleasant Grove Review on the Center's birthday? Opinions? 

Thank you to all for making last night flow so smoothly. I was told by someone that knows that you were all very impressive in your shirts and you were all very confident in your answers to guests questions.

All the best my friends.

Mr. Williamson

.............."That is All"

January 12, 2001
The Space Center Starts Oceanography Missions. Galileo Engines Light Up.

Tomorrow the Space Center opens the oceanography program. This Super Saturday begins at 1:00 P.M. and ends at 6:00 P.M. We are starting with 12 participants for this "practice run". in two weeks we go with a full crew. Good luck to Melissa, Debbie, Mark, and Kyle!

Open House:
Remember the open house Monday evening from 6:00 P.M. to 8:30 P.M.

The Galileo's warp drive engines now light up. Kyle has placed lights inside the two side engine pods. This adds a great effect.

Overnight Mission:
Tonight's overnight mission is sponsored by Orchard Elementary. All ships but the Falcon will run.

.........That is all......

Mr. Williamson

January 13, 2001
Voyager Prepares for new Overnight Camp Landing Party Program Called "Deck 10"

Hello Troops,
A new operating system for the Voyager will be introduced next weekend. The system is called "Deck 10". This is not a computer operating system but a new way of working with students on overnight missions and their landing parties. 

This system will accomplish the following objectives:

1. A method of scoring students on missions.
2. A method of doing landing parties without having many actors.
3. A way of introducing competition between staff and customers that will make the missions more fun for our staff and for our customers also. 
4. A method of encouraging students to think more on their missions.
5. A way of bringing back some of the excitement of the older missions that could use the whole school for landing parties because we didn't have 5 ships. This would allow similar landing parties without the worry of having 5 ships running at the same time and the potential conflict of encountering other crews and the sound from other simulators in action.

Deck 10 is currently in development. The first trial run will be conducted this weekend.

.........that is all...

Mr. Williamson

January 16, 2001
A Report on the First Oceanography Program: Galileo and Odyssey. Open House a Big Success. Voyager Bathroom's New Tile. Magellan to Get a Star Trek Sliding Door.

Hello Troops:
Space Center Update as of the 15th.

1. The Overnight mission went well. The Falcon was closed so Mark could continue to prepare the submarine mission for Saturday. 
2. A new landing party system was created called Deck 10. This system will be tested this Friday. It will also be a scoring system for overnight missions.
3. No Birthdays celebrated.
4. The First Submarine EdVentures went well. The students enjoyed the class. Debbie Wallis and Melissa Torvineo did an excellent job. We made contact with an oceanography instructor from Utah Valley State College and explored joint programs with her and her students. 

The Odyssey and Galileo Submarine Edventures went well for a first attempt.  We discovered that several of the stations need to be improved and more work created. That was the number 1 comment from the participants was they needed more work.
5. Very tired staff stayed until after 10 P.M. Saturday evening working out bugs and creating new story elements.
6. Our Monday evening Open House went very well. The school was crowded with visitors. We were kept busy from opening to closing. A special thanks to all that helped with the program.

1. New cool Star Trek like door for the Magellan coming this week.
2. The Voyager's bathroom tile has been replaced!!!!

........That is all.....

Mr. Williamson

January 16, 2001
A Report on the Magellan's First Overnight Mission as a Federation Starbase and Magellan Upgrades and News.

DSS Magellan:
Ladies and Gentlemen, It is my pleasure to finally say that the DSS Magellan is up and running in the fashion she was meant for. After the most successful overnighter the Magellan has ever had, not a single bad review, hopes are high. The USS Ranger, although not complete, was a success. The Weapons Management station is beautiful. By far it is the best looking station at the Space Center. Other adjustments will be online once Soren has completed them. A lot of thanks goes out to Soren and all of the dedicated work that he has done for the Magellan.

Tora! Tora! Tora!:
This is the new story of the Magellan. Like what Tora! Tora! Tora! 

New Doors in the Magellan:
The new doors are in and ready to go. Here is the most basic rule about those doors. Follow instructions and you will be allowed to use them.

Control Room:
Yet again the Magellan's control room has been redone. Soon, there is the possibility even "Video" will have to control a computer. Remember, no one has a pass on the Magellan 2nd chair or the bridge. 

Magellan into Control Room Door:


Never hang on any of the pipes in the Magellan. One pipe has already been broken. Do not even touch the pipes. 

If you are in the Discovery Room briefing a crew you can hear every word that is said in both the Magellan and the Control Room of the Magellan. So, in other words, be silent during a mission briefing.  If you need to talk then go in the hall. 

Imaginarium Theater
The best gifs of the week edited for a gentler audience.  

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