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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Thorium Advisory Board Meets. The Space Academy's Cool New Entrance. The Space Academy Welcomes Sam Golding to the LDM Staff. Imaginarium Theater.

The Thorium Board Met in the USS Voyager's Briefing Room

The Thorium Advisory Board Met for Its Quarterly Meeting Last Week
     Thorium is the software used by experiential simulators flying the Space EdVentures' flag.  Thorium is the brainchild of Alex Anderson, who also does most of the programming. 
The Thorium Advisory Board consists of the directors (or their representatives) of the five Space EdVentures Centers; The Christa McAuliffe Space Center, Telos Discovery Space Center, Reality's Edge Space Center, Renaissance Space Academy, and the Lion's Gate Center.  Other members of the Board are Isaac Ostler and Crystal Anderson.
     This short video answers the question, "What is Thorium?"

     Of the several topics discussed the most exciting was the work of a German programmer who has programmed DNS lighting controls into Thorium.  The groups also discussed the universal "sandbox" concept of mission development along with the possible use of Thorium to track volunteer hours and advancements.

Look at the New Graphics on the Space Academy's Entrance Doors    

     Visitors to Renaissance Space Academy first see the name of the school as they drive up the road.  Another sign posted at the school's entrance directs visitors to the back parking lot and the entrance to the Space Academy

     At the end of the front parking lot is another sign directing traffic to the back of the school.

     The Nighthawk sits near the Space Academy's entrance.  The entrance is on the right of the Nighthawk.  Recently new signage was applied to the doors.  

      Bracken Funk designed the signs and pretty much covered all the bases when it comes to the Farpoint Universe. We have the Academy's logo on the top left. Under it is the Academy's motto which was inspired by the writings of  Mortimer Adler, who wrote the following in his 1940 book, "How to Read a Book".   

“Education: the central aim of which has always been recognized, from Socrates’ day down to our own, as the freeing of the mind through the discipline of wonder.” 

      The Academy's motto reads: "Our mission is to educate all minds using the Discipline of Wonder."   Under that are the hours of operation, the web site, and a little something I came up with.  "Imagination, Faster than Light". 
     The right door has the Terran Space Command logo and a welcome to Terran Space Command headquarters. Under that is the UN Logo for the unified space authority and finally the words "Serve, Inspire, Lead".  
     Visitors enter this door and directly on their right is the Voyager's Briefing Room. How easy is that?  

Mr. Williamson

Sam Golding Joins the Space Academy Staff

A few of the Voyager's staff and volunteers were on hand to welcome Sam to Team Voyager. Sam is sitting at the 2FX station next to Bracken Funk.

     Sam Golding got the news at the start of a Voyager private mission last Saturday. Sam was sitting next to Bracken at the 2FX station when Bracken offered the job,  "Hey Sam, how about joining our paid staff for the LDM program this school year."  Sam accepted the offer and that is that. Sam and Livy Charles will be taking the places of Spencer Baird and Jensen Caldwell who will be leaving for LDS missions in September.  Sam and Livy will join Ethan, Brad, and Dylan working the Young Astronaut Long Duration Missions from 3:30 - 6:00 P.M. 

Imaginarium Theater
The best videoettes from around the world edited for a gentler audience.


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