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Sunday, May 17, 2020

A New and Necessary Set of Space Center Terms. Photos of the Demolition of Central School and the Space Center. Imaginarium Theater (Now With Talkies).

Hello Space EdVentures Fans,

Now that Central Elementary and the Christa McAuliffe 
Space Center are demolished and the new school and Space Center are under construction, I'll need to make distinctions of what building I'm talking about and what ships.  Let's start with the school:

1.  The new building under construction is Central School 4. Central School 3 was demolished over the last two weeks.  Central School 2 was demolished in 1954.  Central School 1 was demolished about 12 years ago. It was that old 3 story church just north of the school.  Central School moved out of that building in 1910 and into Central School 2.  Good, you got that? 

Central School 1  1893 - 1909.  It sat where the construction workers park today.  You can see Central 3 on the
left of the photo.  It was converted into a high school in 1911 and then became an LDS meetinghouse.  

Central School 2.  Demolished in 1955

Central School 3.  Opened in 1956. Demolished May 2020
Central School 4 under construction

2.  The original Christa McAuliffe Space Center will be the CMSC 1990 for future references.  The new Space Center will just be referred to as CMSC.

3.  The simulators of CMSC 1990 will be referred to as Voyager 1990,  Odyssey 1990 and Odyssey 2013 (the Odyssey 1990 was completely demolished for the Odyssey 2013),  Magellan 1990, Phoenix 1990, and Galileo 1990 and Galileo 2009.  The 1990 doesn't mean the year the simulator opened, the number simply connotes the first location of the Christa McAuliffe Space Center.     

The Last Crews of the Fleet of Ships at CMSC 1990

     James Porter recently did a Facebook post on the last crews to fly in the simulators of CMSC 1990. 

The CMSC 1990 Meet's the Excavator

     James Porter recently did a Facebook post showing the CMSC 1990's futile resistance against the power of a modern excavator (and we thought they were nearly invincible after all those space battles against such dark universal forces).

Central School's Staff pose for one last picture before the excavator begins the demolishion

Imaginarium Theater (Now with Talkies)
This week's best videos from around the edited for a gentler audience

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