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Sunday, May 10, 2020

And Down it Goes. Central Elementary School Building 3 Demolished. Building 4 Rises from the Ashes. InfiniD Looking for Voice Actors. Imaginarium Theater with Talkies!

     In the span of 7 days most of the old Central Elementary School came tumbling down into a heap of rubble.  The original Christa McAuliffe Space Center went down with it.

The south entrance of the school on Saturday. The last section of the school to go was the Kindergarten - 2nd grade wing.

The school's office can be seen on the left of the photo.   This rubble is what is left of the Magellan,
Odyssey, Phoenix, Discovery, and Voyager

      Although sad to see the old building go, look at the future rising from the rubble heap. I like this photo because of its symbolism.  Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, the new Christa McAuliffe Space Center rises from the remains of the original Space Center.  

     With this new building comes a secure and bright future for the CMSC. With this building comes a statement from the Alpine School District that the Space Center has made that transition from Central School's Space Center to the Alpine District Space Center at Central School.
     I for one am excited to be a part of the new CMSC.  I've set a personal goal to be a two simulator flight director; the USS Voyager at Renaissance Space Academy and the Cassini at the CMSC.  
     The icing on the cake would be for this virus to go away so the opening of the new Space Center and Central School can be done properly with all the fanfare the event deserves.  
      I want to thank Jon Parker for taking the time to collect a brick from the old school for me.  The construction workers were kind to set several bricks outside the fence for the school's more sentimental alumni. 

After 64 years this is a sight you'll never see again.  For me, 37 years associated with this building.  Nearly 1100 nights spent sleeping on its floors.  It was my home away from home. 


InfiniD Looking for Voice Actors

Looking for voice actors!
Here's the deets:
- Looking to fill the roles of 20+ characters
- Open to any experienced or aspiring voice actors
- Recordings done in Provo, UT office
- Starting $20/hr (minimum 1 hour pay guaranteed per session)
- Auditions due by Monday May 11

     Our program makes it possible for any teacher to turn their classroom into a spaceship, shrink ray, or time machine at the push of a button. The students must then complete missions dealing with what they just learned in class. During the mission the students come in contact with many different characters that help them, challenge them, or even try to lead them astray.
     Please pass this on to anyone you feel may be interested in taking on one of these roles!

Meet InfiniD's RALF (Robot Assistant to Life Forms)

     The audition submissions for this guy so far have been a lot of fun. The InfiniD characters and universe have been many years in the making with lots of creative minds blending the best ideas. Next school year is going to be legendary for our users with fully automated missions coming online and an experience like never before.
     I love what we do at InfiniD. It's been years of hard work to get to this point but we are finally able to provide our schools *everything* we have wanted to this coming school year.
Imaginarium Theater
The Best Videos From Around the World Edited for a Gentler Audience.  Now with Talkies!

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