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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Decommissioning the Christa McAuliffe Space Center Fleet and Finding Homes for Many of Its Parts. A Week Which Has Seen a Flurry of Activity. A Slide Show Highlighting the Week.

The Mother Ship. Simulator 1. The USS Voyager. Launched November 8, 1990.
Decommissioned: July 31, 2012.  The Final Closing. May 2, 2020.

     This last week has seen a flurry of a activity at the CMSC. The school received notification that the building would be demolished beginning May 4th.  With little time to say goodbye, Mr. Porter arranged a time for current and former staff including long time volunteers past and present to come by and take their final pictures on Saturday, April 25.  Their numbers were restricted due to Covid 19 virus constraints.  
    James Porter has done an excellent job handling the closing of the current Center. Last week was spent demolishing salvageable items from the simulators. Much of the Phoenix was salvaged by Nathan Young who plans on using it as a filming stage for his webcast sci-fi series. I was pleased about that. The entire Galileo and much of the Voyager's furniture was salvaged by Alex Debirk to be used at the soon to be built American Heritage Space Center.  The Magellan's big subwoofers will find a home on the Voyager at the Space Academy.  Many parts of the old CMSC will reappear in future simulators or displayed in the homes of those who loved the Center they grew up in.  
   What a tough job seeing it go, but on the flip side what joy there is in seeing the new Center rise from ground directly behind the first Voyager. 
     Of course I have mixed feelings, and of course seeing the ship's, which were such a big part of my life, head for the scrapyard is difficult. The essence of those ships hold so many memories that it will be hard to see them go for me and I'm sure for many of you.  But out into the realm of make believe and dreams they fly.  My goodbyes will be said here in Troubadour over the next few months while we wait for the new Center to open.  I'll be posting many old photos that haven't been posted before of staff and volunteers along with stories and remembrances.  Please bookmark The Troubadour and visit often.  
     I've taken the CMSC's Facebook page pictures from last week and stitched them together in a slide show for everyone to enjoy.  Until next Sunday, 


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