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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Why Did I Create the Space Center Program Nearly Thirty Years Ago. What is its Mission? What is the Future? Plus, News from the Soon to Open CMSC. And a Good Story from InfiniD Learning. Plus the Imaginarium Theater.

Hello Troops,

I've been asked many times over the last thirty years why I created the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center. The answer comes from my belief that you and I, and all those we know and love, are together on this small blue dot in space. The answer comes from my belief that humankind's destiny lies out there where many things wonderful wait to be known for there is "nothing so far removed from us to be beyond our reach or so far hidden that we cannot discover it" (Rene Descartes).  I wanted to build a program that asked children to look up to see the undiscovered country.

The Space Center's early years were difficult.  Those early imagineering pioneers, those dedicated early staff and volunteers, worked alongside me in our goal to create a space faring civilization - in our own small way and in our own corner of the globe.  Did I ever want to give up?  Yes. What kept the program going?  The excitement of students and teachers, and my firm belief in our mission kept us going. 


There was something I saw and heard those many years ago that cemented my will to continue to move forward at great personal cost.  Someone else had found the right words that inspired me; words I've come back to many times over the decades when I needed to remember the uniqueness and fragility of our existence and the absolute necessity we have to come together, despite our differences, to celebrate the fact that we are here and this is our time to make a difference.   

I'd like to share that experience with you. Perhaps, after watching this, you'll come to understand the power of emotion in education and how something lasting only a few minutes can change a life forever.

The three minutes I spent listening to this master teacher may seem insignificant in a life of 62 years - but they were. They inspired me to pass this reverence of what lies beyond in the darkness that surrounds us, and the importance of what we have here on Earth with my students. And thus, from my sixth grade classroom in the 1980's, sprang the foundation from which the Christa McAuliffe Space Center was built upon.

The power of Dr. Carl Sagan's words, spoken so long ago, still impact today's children through the space centers and our Space Academy's Young Astronauts Program by showing them what is, what was, and what could be - if we cherish the pale blue dot in space we call home.

Mr. Williamson

Are you ready for what lies ahead?  This is the call to look up and venture outward.  

Support the Space Academy's Young Astronaut Program for grades K - 8.  Contact me at to learn how.  


News From the Christa McAuliffe Space Center

How do you build the 2nd largest planetarium in Utah and six state of the art educational simulators? Take a look and see.

Posted by Christa McAuliffe Space Center on Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Ten Years Ago.  From The Troubadour's Archives

The Really Late Friday Overnight Camp Night Report


     Not all quiet on the Western Front.

     Its becoming traditional for me to post something about the current Overnight Camp before turning in for the night.
     It's 11:49 P.M. The camp is heavily loaded with boys (34 boys and 5 girls). That means I have four campers sleeping in the Odyssey. Sleeping boys in the Odyssey poses a problem. It's closest to where I sleep therefore any noise they make wakes me up. I told the boys that they could talk until I went to bed - and they are.
     There was a knock on the school's east doors. A dad arrived to pick up his sick son. That leaves 33. He was caught in traffic coming down from Salt Lake. An accident on the freeway.
     Ah, the current conversation in the Odyssey involves how many girl friends each of the boys have. It's interesting the way they try to talk over each other to make their points.
     A lull in the conversation. I think they're getting cold. The air conditioner keeps the Odyssey about 5 degrees above Absolute Zero. Such arctic conditions motivate the boys to crawl up into their sleeping bags for warmth. Soon afterwards they fall asleep, and I follow.
     Overall a good crew and of course we've got a killer staff to working with them.
     I'm getting a sore throat. Could be allergies.
     It's 12:01 A.M. time to go to bed. The air conditioners just switched off. They do this every Friday night at midnight and turn on again ten minutes later.
     Having trouble keeping my eyes open. Best surrender and see if the Odyssey boys will let me have a few restful hours before I'm up again at 5:40 A.M. to clean up before making the WalMart donut run.

Good night.

Mr. W.

A Good Story From InfiniD Learning
Skyler Carr

got totally punked by one of our schools yesterday.

This is a school that has had a lot of super strange tech issues because their school is so old. I'm on the phone with them a lot. Yesterday I was in the neighborhood so I sent them a message asking how they were doing and if there was anything I could do to help. Their assistant principal responded, "yes, please come."

I geared up for another wild ride of troubleshooting, but when I walked into the room, the kids were all in the middle of a mission and things were working perfectly. Confused, I asked what was wrong and she said, "Nothing is wrong. You've helped us with so much that I just figured you'd want to see how much our kids love it."

Imaginarium Theater

The Best Videos From Around the World Edited for a Gentler Audience

Imaginarium Theater September 27, 2020 from SpaceCampUtah's Imaginarium on Vimeo.

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