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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Records for Midnight Rescue on the Voyager!

Today two records were set in the Voyager for our school mission “Midnight Rescue”.
Eaglecrest Elementary sent two of its sixth grade classes for our regular field trip.
There were 32 students in each class. While one class takes the astronomy lesson and planetarium presentation the other class is in the simulators. The AM mission started right on time. The captain seemed rather confident. “I play a lot of strategy games,” he told me as I was setting him up with his radio headphones. “As if that will help,” I thought to myself. It was rather cynical but this is the time of year with I get that way.

The mission started. The captain impressed me. He stayed focused and attentive. He paid attention to detail and listened. His decisions were spot on. He seemed to know what to do in every situation. When all was said and done they ended with a 0 score!
A perfect score is -3. They beat the record set by Deerfield Elementary.

The afternoon crew boarded the simulator at 11:45 A.M. They were great kids.
I hesitated to score them. I didn’t want them to leave with 7 strikes and have to hear about the 0 score from the other class while on the bus for 40 minutes. The mission started and strangely enough they were rolling through with errors. I think the teacher was giving them suggestions on what to say during the debates which helped but not enough for me to disqualify the class. At the end of the mission they also scored a 0!

Two classes from the same school on the same day with 0 scores. I don’t think a day like this will be repeated. Congratulations to Eaglecrest Elementary for a job well done.

Mr. Williamson
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