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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A New Top Score for Midnight Rescue!

Hello Troops,
Two new records were set this week and its only Wednesday! On Monday the first sixth grade class from Cedar Ridge Elementary School beat the old top score of 4 Strikes set by Lehi Junior High. The Cedar Ridge Class scored 2 Strikes. Remember, a perfect score is a Negative 3 (-3). Major mistakes made by the crew are called “Strikes”. I momentarily stop the mission and announce the penalty. A quick discussion follows and the mission proceeds. Midnight Rescue mission has three objectives. Each time an objective is reached a strike is removed. If a crew makes no mistakes and reaches all three objectives, their score would be a -3.

I thought a 2 was unbelievable. A score better than a 2 would be as impossible as me winning the Power Ball Lottery! If I had purchased a lottery card today I would have struck gold. The first 6th grade class from Deerfield Elementary scored a 1 on Midnight Rescue!

The Ambassador played his part well. He stood up for freedom and democracy when I tried to prove that an absolute dictatorship was the most efficient way to run a government. He responses were clever- something I rarely see in a 6th grader.

For the most part the captain made good decisions. There were a few errors. He wanted to blow up the satellite and repair ship. The crew worked the stations well. The discipline was outstanding. It was a pleasure to fly a crew like this.

I discussed their performance at the end of the mission. I saved their score for last - you know how you do it - build them up for the cheer. I thought the screaming and cheering coming from their young throats would lift the ceiling right off the Voyager. It was deafening. They were happy and I was pleased. Congratulations to Deefield Elementary for taking top score on Midnight Rescue.

Mr. Williamson
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