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Sunday, March 9, 2008

This Week from the Shire

Spring showers the Shire with a brighter sun and warmer air. The color of wild flowers peppers the fields. Peasants prepare the land for planting. Cool spring breezes chase the stale winter air out of the castle and into hiding. Spirits are as high as the castle's towers and smiles, paired with warm greetings, are shared by all.

Our band of Troubadours spend their days repairing the tents and polishing instruments. With the summer at hand the urgency to prepare is paramount.

Yesterday I met with Master Brent about changes to the Voyager. Our Voyager stage is showing its age and waiting replacement. We’ve saved our shillings over many seasons for this rebuild. Master Brent is the Master Craftsman of the Programming Guild and will oversee the retooling. His reputation is known from the great sea to the Thames River . His skills are sought by kings and nobleman alike. He will respond to their call but only after honoring his commitment to our band.

The talking stretched from the mid day sun to evening. I bid the party adieu at twilight - feeling the exhaustion of age and hours without sleep. Masters Brent, Kyle, and Bridger have my confidence.

We celebrated the birthday of one of the longest serving members of our professional family. Lady Lorraine joined our Troubadour band over fifteen years ago.
Her unshaken hand at the helm has kept our ship afloat through many tempests. Lady Aleta prepared sweets to honor this birthday at our Band’s gathering on Friday’s night.
Our voices joined in song to honor Lady Lorraine. This birthday melody is not one our Troubadours perform well, but what I heard Friday evening surprised me with perfect harmony and enthusiasm. We hope that Lady Lorraine enjoyed her day with family, friends, and our good wishes.

It is Sunday’s midday. I write this parchment with eyes closing like curtains on a tired play. My quill struggles to give permanence to my thoughts. This is the time to put ink away and retire for an afternoon’s rest. May this week bring happiness and the satisfaction of work done well to all.
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