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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Space Education Center Update

Hello Troops,
The 2008-2009 School Year is out of the gates. The teachers and students are in full gallop and in good form. There are a few Space Center updates to post.

• All Alpine District schools are booked for their daytime field trips. I thought I’d run out of room this year. I didn’t . Thank the fates for that. One year, coming sooner rather than later, we will run out of days. Rationing will be put into effect. Hundreds of children will be left Space Centerless and destitute. Childhood depression rates will soar. Overall GPA’s will slope downward. I shutter to think what will happen if something isn’t done now.

• Non- Alpine Schools will be booked starting September 8th. There will be a mad rush for the available dates. It will be like the first day of Christmas sales at your local WalMart. What happens when I run out of days? It is something I’m dreading. How do you tell great teachers and students that there isn’t room for them anymore, especially if they’ve been regular attendees for years?

• The Odyssey is a mess! Matt, Emily, BJ, and Stacy have been working for the past several days installing a new station to take the place of the First Officer’s station (the one with the dials and switches). It will be a three panel position loaded with dials and switches. There are also plans for a touch screen. The Odyssey has its first mission of the new season this afternoon. Will the simulator be ready? I really don’t know. Frightening isn’t it? We live on the edge at the Space Center.

The Children of Perikoi

• I’m working on the mission and curriculum this year. We will be adding “The Children of Perikoi” to Field Trip Choice List.

That’s it troops. You’ve been updated. Now make it a great day.......

Mr. Williamson
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