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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Joy and Pain of the Space Center.

Here you have it. Two captains from this summer's camps. The captain of a Voyager mission seems a bit upset. Could the mission be lost? Could his crew be driving him crazy?
The other is a captain from a Magellan mission. Do I detect success written in his expression?
These pictures, in a way, represent the Space Center where every mission is different. Missions can end is success or failure. Where else do you get this kind of an interactive experience that relies on you for its success?
Movies? NO. In a movie you are a captive audience. You watch what's put in front of you.
Amusement Parks? NO. You ride the ride. At the end you say it was great or it wasn't. If you're happy you say they built a great ride. If you're not you say they wasted their money building the ride.
Here at the CMSEC your actions decide the results. Work hard, think carefully through all problems, work well as a team, listen to comprehend and you may be successful. That is the joy of what we do at the Space Education Center. We take you out there, step back, and see what you do to yourselves.
Live or die, sink or swim, succeed or fail - it is all UP TO YOU.
There is no place like this in the world.
Thank you to all that participated in our summer camp programs. Now get ready for there is lots more to come!

Mr. Williamson
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