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Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Message to our Staff and Volunteers

All day I kept thinking how short our vacation really is. Part of me wants the vacation to continue for weeks. Then there is the more rational Mr. Williamson listening to the whispering of the Voyager from behind the door near my desk.

"Come on Victor," speak the walls. Walls that have been there since the beginning and, like me, have heard the sounds of thousands of missions and the voices of tens of thousands of children. "There are more stories to tell and adventures awaiting."

"Yes, I know. There are stories to tell, always more stories to tell," I mumble to myself. My mind reflects over the last 17 years and the legacy we've built. The memory of faces with expectant smiles and contagious enthusiasm comes back to mind. The kids are waiting for us.

Soon you will all come back along with our excited campers. I'm a realist and know that many of our campers look at the Center as a source of amusement. It is good for a few laughs, a challenge and then on with life. Then there are campers whose attitudes energize me and make my job worth the sacrifices. They are the children that fall in love with the place while on a school field trip and never stop talking about the experience. They work hard cleaning and babysitting to earn enough money to come to an overnight camp. They wait and wait for the summer flyer and when it comes, take it straight to their parents to fill out. Soon the day of their camp will arrive. After waiting for months their turn is coming.

My own principles demand I give them 110% of my efforts and attention. I've always done that and try to set the example for the staff and volunteers. Don't forget what a camp means
to these campers! Always give it your best and if you can't give it your best then be honest with your co-workers and ask for their help. You are all dedicated enough to increase your workload so the campers will get the missions they've been waiting for. Our reputation is
built on just that.

Remember, the Space Center is YOU. Without YOU we are nothing more than rooms, desks, and computers. We have no product to sell except our enthusiasm, our voices, our music, and our stories.

In addition to the campers you must also think of your own needs. If you find you are loosing your 'drive' and see the campers as a hassle then request some down time or perhaps a new assignment at the Center. I understand and will support your decision.

Troops, Rest and prepare mentally for a very busy school year. I'll see you soon.

Mr. Williamson
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