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Monday, May 17, 2010


We, as a collective whole, have hacked into your blogger account to show our extreme distaste for your lack of posts in your "Enemy From the Dark" Story.

If you continue to do nothing, Emily will be inclined to smack you with that annoying space ship clock. Bracken will hire assassins. The bunnies that once haunted us, will return with a vengeance (like Bill... I mean mad dog). Jon will unexpectedly go out of town for the rest of the week... wait... Christine is going to lie to ALL of her crews... wait... Stacy will melt the new Galileo down, wasting the precious money that has gone into it. Randy will return for the sole purpose of shaking his hips. Taylor Thomas will continue to float in and out of the center... like a ghost. Brittney, and Mark will quit. I will personally kill the old Voyager TV... It's had it's day. Babb will once again scream Admiral through the Maggy speaks. Carrick will take your job. Bill Schuler will start wearing pants. Tanner won't ever show up for work... oh wait. Rachel will giggle and hug everyone. The Magellan Ghost will haunt the halls of the school. Todd Rasband will wear full on purple... Pants included.Warren will stop being witty, and make everyone feel smart... Cuz I feel stupid around him... His humor's too witty for my small brain... Chris Call will come back and cook breakfast in the Odyssey. Kyle Herring will expect pay. Maren won't come in for emergencies anymore. Colton will submit ALL his missions. We'll rearrange your desk. Panda will once again be the Space Center Mascot. DeBirk will show up even later than normal. The VOIP will never work. Todd Hadley will not give any more bail outs. We will be locked out of the basement FOREVER. The shop will burn down. Phasers will be banned, and we'll have to make shooting sounds using our fingers. Brian will turn the vacuum to the reverse setting when he comes. Margarite will replace Saint Sheila Powell as the head of Space Education. Sheila will continue to talk to crews endlessly when we need to load. We will make you get into Megan Vest's car more often. We will set off the alarm consistently every night. And we'll set off the smoke alarms with smoke machines. Brady will quit at Best Buy. Shelley will make us all fill out more paperwork. Kevin won't go on his mission. Casey will run for president... of the space center... Cuz he's not 40 and can't be president of the U.S., yet. Roger will not let you close or open the curtain. Alex will never program again. The district will no longer pay for power. The duck will quack (that is Brittney... She is a duck). Wyatt will breathe your air. Adam will assist. Ben will run into door frames, staining the center in his blood. Nicole will start being mean to the staff. Spencer and Brock will blow our minds by doing less work than normal. Metta will refuse to chaperone. We'll destroy your "love me wall". Aleta will pile more stuff on the clipboard than normal. Zack will grow a mullet, and pierce his ears, AND get a belt buckle at least twice the size of the Magellan. We'll cancel the summer missions. Lorraine will quit! YES QUIT! Emily will hug you constantly. Dragon Lady will bang on the Voyager wall. We will steal all the candy... Wait... Didn't we already do that... Hence it's relocation to the candy brig. Dave will fly Voyager junior missions. We will tie up the programmers making cocoa controls, and stick them in the animation studio. Matt Long will change his last name to short, return from training, and blow up your newly paid off house.

These are not threats, they are promises.

(Bracken Funk & Emily Perry)
(We created this character)
(We love her)
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