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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This Feels Real

Hello Troops,
It's been a busy Wednesday at the Space Center. AT 5:17 P.M. Emily just walked in with a McDonald's burger. She's going healthy for her sustenance meal. Emily has the Voyager 6:30 P.M. mission and is in limbo. Not enough time to go home and eat something before needing to come back.

Brittney is in the Odyssey running our two Junior missions this afternoon and evening. Brittney has a great attitude toward the Junior program whereas several of our other Odyssey Flight Directors find Junior missions slightly distasteful. They just don't like dealing with the younger campers. I'm glad Brittney feel differently. Thanks Brittney.

Bracken is in the Phoenix with Alex and Megan V. doing a 5 hour test run of his new summer mission "Murphy's Law". Tomorrow is Bracken's last day at the Space Center before leaving for university at Fresno California. He has a full basketball scholarship. Bracken has been a real God Send at the Center. His attitude and enthusiasm energizes me! (and that's something to be said). I for one will miss Bracken's energy, drive, ideas and just grit determination to succeed and be the best at whatever he does.

Bracken's new mission is awesome. I saw part of it on Saturday. It's involved so I hope we can pull it off without him here to hold our hands.

I enjoyed Pleasant Green Elementary School today for the field trip. One thing said made us laugh in the control room. I was telling "Perikoi". The ship survived the attack at Moon D of Planet 9. The new course was entered and the captain ordered "Emergency Speed!" The Voyager pulled away. The main viewer showed the moon recede behind them.

The Bridge was quiet. Everyone was working as the bridge music played (a piece I like from the Transformers. Bracken thinks its the wrong choice of music for the mood I'm trying to set and I disagree). A young girls voice suddenly rang out from the quiet and gentle humming of the engines.
"This feels real!" she said loud enough for everyone to hear.

Bill Schuler was in the control room. He looked at me and said something to effect that her comment pretty much summed up the secret of a Space Center experience. With just a bit of effort on the part of the crew it becomes real as imagination engages and the crew transcends the here and now for the land of What Could Be.

I enjoy my job. My dedicated staff and volunteers make it all fun and rewarding.

Mr. Williamson
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