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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday at the Space Center

Hello Troops,
Its Thursday at the Space Center. My 6th grade math class is canceled. Can you believe they are substituting math and the rest of the morning's subjects for a nature hike up the mountainside?
Their reasoning is sound through. Our sixth grades finished their CRT testing, so for all practical purposes, math is finished. To celebrate everyone felt a few hours in nature was in order. I'm not complaining. I'll enjoy these few minutes before the field trips arrive and catch up on the Space Center's news.

1. Kevin Roberts will fly his last mission during this weekend's overnight camp. Kevin enters the MTC on Wednesday to serve an LDS mission. We will have a cake for Kevin and award his five year service pin right after the overnight camp on Saturday. You're welcome to come by if your not working the camp to give Kevin your regards.

3. Bracken Funk's last mission is next Thursday. Bracken will be leaving for Fresno California. He has a basketball scholarship and needs the summer to get up to speed. We expect to hear great things about both these awesome young men. The Voyager's summer mission program will be led by Emily Perry, Casey Voeks and Spenser Dauwalter.

4. We are expecting the delivery of a new $27,000 planetarium system today. Our old Starlabs are showing their age (multiple holes in the dome which effectively change the look of the night sky. The projectors are nearing the end of their serviceable lives, the dome's lining is shredding etc etc.) Mrs. Clegg is as giddy as a child in a candy shop in anticipation of the delivery. This new system was purchased on her recommendation. She travelled to Denver a year ago to see this system in action and came back very impressed. She promises their won't be a planetarium in the state that can do everything we will be able to do with this system. The planetarium will run shows during our summer camps and will then play a major part in next years school field trips.

5. The new Galileo is being fitted with an additional air conditioner. All those that sweated through missions in the Galileo will be grateful for the upgrade. The Galileo's new torpedo launching system is nearing completion as well. The Galileo's new Cocoa Controls will be installed and ready for use at the start of our summer camp season.

I was told I wasn't a very good crossing guard this morning by one of Central's witty third graders.
"Good morning," I said as I stood in the middle of the street to ensure her safe passage.
"You should have candy to give me when I cross the street," she said. She didn't look like she was having a good day.
"Why should I have a pocket full of candy to give the kids that cross my street?" I asked rather put out by her suggestion.
"Well other crossing guards give out candy and so should you. It's what you do to be nice," she responded as she hopped up to the sidewalk and continued toward the school's front doors.

You see, a smile and a friendly greeting just aren't enough these days.
Good Grief!

Mr. Williamson
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