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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Let's Take a Walk Down Wonderland's There and Back Again Lane.

Hello Troops,
The July 4th weekend in America means rest and relaxation, time off from work, backyard barbecues, fireworks and a never ending stream of relatives playing catch up since the last family gathering at Christmas. Imagination is Rest and Relaxation's traveling companion and we all know that Imagination is driven by the good folks at the Imaginarium in Wonderland. So, while our American friends enjoy their holiday, the Imagineers will be working double, even triple shifts, to properly provide for endless hours away from the world of the Here and Now.

The Space Education Center is closed for 4th so our staff and volunteers can enjoy time with their own families and friends. Don't forget that we also need a respite to mentally run amok through fields of gold to recharge and heal our worn and bruised imaginations. On Tuesday we return to the battle field for four more weeks in the trenches before the August cease fire.

I'm leaving the Imaginarium for Wonderland Station to catch the 12:18 and thought you might like to walk with me to see the community's sights and wonders.

The Imaginarium sits on the corner of Wonderland Drive and the long and narrow There and Back Again Lane. There and Back Again Lane isn't the quickest route to the Station, but walking it's checkered pavement never disappoints those of us who seek the curious and odd.

An interesting film premiers tonight at the Star Theater on the Lane and I have an invitation from the director to attend. I'd like to go but hesitate because of the play's subject matter. You see, my sure to be negative reaction to the writer and director's dubious and unsatisfactory creation (based on reviews printed in the Wonderland Gazette) usually uses the generous and generic term "Nice" as its base. It's a word spoken to avoid insult. You understand.

This film strips that courteous crutch away, leaving me two uncomfortable choices; lie and offer false praise or tell the truth and risk destroying a writer and director's exposed and vulnerable egos. I suppose there is a third alternative. I could sit at the back of the theater and quickly escape as the house lights brighten. If I'm cornered in the lobby and an opinion is requested, I'll raise one finger to my lips and point to the bathroom to indicate the logical and universally accepted reason for my unwillingness to engage the conversation. Once in the restroom I'll find an empty stall and settle in for however long it takes to be sure the lobby is clear of anyone that might be interested in "what I thought".

Yes, that's the nice way to handle things.

Four minutes at a casual pace down the Lane brings you to the Arborius Necatius, a candy tree imagined by a youngster from some two horse town in Wyoming, and a required stop for those of us suffering from an insatiable hankering for sugar. His imagination became a reality in Wonderland.

Trixie and Jean never let a passing footstep go by without a peak. Wave one of the lollipops as you pass. The yapping won't stop until you're long out of sight.

a Garage Sale with a twist.

Maurice Mellon entertains the Lane's foot traffic on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the corner of There and Back Again Lane and Dream Blvd. Audrey Hepplewhite is his favorite fan and rarely misses a performance.

Careful of Teddy DiWit and his wand. He fancies himself a Wizard. In his enthusiasm, he nearly took out a passing teen's eye with his knotted hickory wand.
The teen insulted his Hogwart's house.

Teddy's Latin is crude and his magic clearly absent but the injuries he conjures with his wand / sword teaches Wonderland's muggles to tread lightly and respectfully
when we happen upon him.

Curiosities above and below

The back of Wonderland Bakery faces the Lane, or is it the front?
This sign on their front / back door never fails to confuse me because
the sign on the door says to enter the front door.
All I want is a sticky bun and chocolate milk. Why does it have to be so confusing?

A Sign in front of the Hairy Lemon Pub, a favorite night spot for the locals.
I'll not be ordering the Soup of the Day but that doesn't stop me from admiring the creativity.
"Make mine the broccoli and cheese with a side of bread and a Diet Coke on the rocks."

Two turns and half a whistle up the Lane brings you to the home of Heather Sanders, great granddaughter to Colonel Sanders of KFC fame. You can always expect a hearty chicken dinner when you pay them a visit. Heather was waiting for her drum stick, mash and gravy lunch when we caught her eye as we passed. Bless her heart, she is the curious one.
The family resemblance is striking, wouldn't you say?

Janice Dimple Jones works the cash register at the There and Back Again Quickie Mart. She is partial to honey and suffers from a stubborn streak of laziness. She likes to go to work in costume and quote memorized passages from her favorite Pooh books to all those with the patience to stand and listed while the ice in their Big Gulps melts away. Failure to listen and appreciate at least two quotes results in scanner malfunctions at the register.

"Oh, I guess I'll have to ring the items up myself," Janice says with a smile, which usually results in regrettable overcharges (when discovered). She claims the keys on the register are too small for her fingers.

There and Back Again Lane's Superheroes meet to plan their next campaign to stamp out evil and fight corruption on the Lane. They're a bit discouraged at the moment. All three Batmans are best friends to Marty Miller and Marty is the only one with a Robin costume. It's Batman and Robin, not Batmans and Robin. I'm sure you understand their problem.

Always expect the unexpected when exploring the Lane.

I enjoy my walks down the There and Back Again Lane.

More to Come Later, Enjoy your Holiday!

Mr. Williamson
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