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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Imagination Amok

Hello Troops
What an electrical storm we had yesterday in Utah County. The lightening and thunder was an excellent follow up to the banging and booming of the fireworks throughout the night of the 4th.
The change in the fireworks laws created a spectacle I've never seen before. It was an amazing sight from my deck. The valley was ablaze in color.

I'm about to leave for the Space Center and another day of Day Camp followed by private missions. I thought I'd start the day with a few things from the Imaginarium. Enjoy and I hope to see you all at the Center soon.

The connection between the mind of a child and his television. A bond difficult to break.

It's a maze and at times quite a bewilderment, but what a journey life takes us on.

This is the last page in the Space Center's Emergency Actions Handbook titled "When all else fails...."

It's true, isn't it?

I'd like to post these at various places around the Space Center.

And an item from a grocery store with a sense of humor. Would you go a bit out of your way to shop there? I would.

Have a Great Day,

Mr. W.
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