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Monday, July 18, 2011

It's Monday. Our Last Ultimate Camp Starts Today!

I'm glad this isn't part of the school curriculum any longer.
I had to do the duck and cover drills when I was in elementary school.
We lived in fear of the Soviet Union and its large nuclear arsenal.
Back then I believed in the power of school desk construction. I knew that wooden
top and steel frame could and would protect me from a direct strike.
Today's desks are lucky to be sturdy enough to hold a few textbooks and the head of a sleeping child

Hello Troops,
Our last EdVenture / Ultimate Camp starts this evening. Will the Odyssey and Phoenix have air conditioning?

I drove to the school at 7:00 A.M. this morning to be the first to call in a work order on the roof top unit. No one answered so I left a message. I just got a phone call from our custodian that maintenance was there and on the roof.

"The fan seized up," Rodger told me. " If the compressor isn't cooled it overheats and shuts down."

Rodger will tell him to take a fan unit from one of the school's other air conditioners and put it on ours if he doesn't have one available. We've got an awesome school custodian.

If I had to identify the top three sources for my work related stress and worries they are:
  • Maintenance. What will break down next and how will it affect ongoing operations.
  • Staff Issues. Who is being mean to who. Who has issues with who. Who will work with who. Who isn't pulling his or her weight. Who is slacking off and not giving their work their best effort. Human resources are always a source for hours of a manager's mental and verbal effort on a weekly basis. Its the same in any organization. I'm just happy the Space Center has a staff of caring individuals whose mistakes usually stem from immaturity. Most of them are teens and we all know growing up is a bumpy road.
  • Injuries are the next thing on my list. Safety is paramount in Space Center Operations. The nagging thought of "What could go wrong" always rattles around in the back of my head. "What could go wrong and what can you do to prevent it from happening," I say to my staff regularly. I want safety to be on the forefront of their thinking in relation to working with our campers and equipment.
I'm about to leave reality and catch the Wonderland Express for the Imaginarium. Here's hoping you'll be joining the rest of us soon at the Space Education Center. Remember, we have stories to tell and lessons to teach so we'll keep the lights on for you.

Mr. W.

What happens when you sleep. Don't go anywhere without your Teddyknight.

A different way to say "I'm sorry"

I find this graph sums it up perfectly. The less information I have on any topic the more confusing it is. On the other hand, I find myself getting confused if more information floods in after I think I've got a handle on the situation or topic. I find this true when faced with understanding why people do and say the things they do or if I'm trying to understand complex political or religious issues.

And now a word from the Space Center's Guru and part time Wise Man.

The story of life. Appreciate the people that are walking with you.

I wonder how many sandals Fred and Barney go through in any one month?

I'm looking into buying stock. How can I go wrong with this economy? I wonder if they have a broom capable of duplicated the smooth ride and comfort my Battlestar gives me?

Now, no more delays. Time to get to work. It won't get done on its own you know.

Mr. W.
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