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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Space Center is Off the District's Bond

This Photograph shows the moment Mrs. Abernathey,
Chief Imagineer of the Imaginarium's Office of Little Girl's Dreams,
heard the news that the Space Center was removed from the November Bond.

Hello Troops,
A sadness descended across the Imaginarium and Wonderland yesterday when word of the Space Center's removal from the district bond was announced. The workday buzz in the Imaginarium's offices fell silent as hundreds of employees huddled around their wireless sets listening to reports.

Thousands took to the streets to show their support. The Imaginarium's switchboard lit up with hundreds of incoming calls of condolence. Storm clouds formed and reports of hail and high winds were received. Many claimed sure knowledge that this was the end - the sky was surely preparing to fall.

Betty Block, capture the moment she heard the news, as painted by Munch LaRuss. Betty collapsed after the painting was finished. Holding still in her state of shock for the four hours Munch required to finish the painting, was more than Betty's delicate constitution could endure.

Then a calm voice was heard over the radios and loud speakers. Mr. Williamson spoke from the Imaginarium's Observation Deck.

"Troops, this is Mr. Williamson. I want to begin by thanking the Alpine School District for their support in putting us on the bond in the first place. In these troubled financial times, putting a Space Education Center on a building proposal was visionary and risky. With so many pressing needs in the District, it became impossible to justify the costs, especially with a new high school in Lehi being added to the funding list.

For twenty years the Space Center has received the full support of the district. Being taken from the bond in no way changes that fact. And to be honest, I support the district's decision. It is the right decision and I'm in full support. Taxpayers money must be spent on the district's most pressing needs.

So, what is next? The Space Center continues with its award winning programs. We will continue to provide the best field trip in Utah. We will continue our camps and classes. And, because we won't be moving into a new building, we will take our savings and begin an extensive remodeling program for all our ships. In addition to remodeling, I'm announcing plans to start the design of a new 8 person simulator. This new ship will take the Center from five to six simulators. The sun is rising on the Center. Awesome things are coming and I'm very excited.

Now it is time to move forward on the Center's most ambitious projects to date. In 18 months the Space Center will have a new look - all thanks to your support.

What can you do to help?

1. Come to our camps. Come to our classes. Bring parties here. The Space Center is allowed to keep 100% of the money we generate. That money comes from you.

2. Spread the word to everyone you know that the Space Center is an awesome place for birthday parties, parties, camps and classes. I don't want to spend any of our precious funds for advertising. We rely on word of mouth advertising and that means YOUR words coming out of YOUR MOUTH.

3. Keep reading The Troubadour for news. Keep informed.

Now, its time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. The best days of the Space Center lie before us and there is little time to sleep.

Thanks for your Support!

Mr. Williamson

And Now, with everyone's nerves calmed and the sky firmly reattached to the firmament above, let's relax and enjoy the latest from the Imaginarium.

The Imaginarium's Office of Fabricated Weather offers the following forecasts

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