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Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Night's Roundup

Hello Troops,
I'm getting ready for bed while reflecting on the week's news. The USS Space Center hit turbulent water on Tuesday. Mrs. Houston fell ill with bronchitis and took to her sick bed. Mrs. Clegg read the sky and disembarked before the storm. She left us for a sci fi conference of some kind. We were left to our own devices to weather the storm.

Tuesday I sent out a email entitled "All Hands on Deck". The email stated quiet emphatically that no one else could take time off. I explained that we were down to the brass tacks and wiggle room wasn't an option. I'm happy to report that the staff and volunteers rallied to the cause. Megan and Christine taught the class sessions while the rest of us manned the rigging and wheel. We all held firmly through the swells, hurricane winds and multiple lightening strikes. It was one of those journey's you're glad to see the back of when all is said and done.

Sunday starts a new week in a new month. Hopefully the seas will be calm. I hope all our staff will be back to their posts - safe, sound and ready to get back to work.

Tonight we are hosting fifth and sixth grade students from Sage Hills Elementary School in Saratoga Shores. They are handling the ships quite well. Overall the consensus is "Good Kids" (although I remind you that the night is still young and there may be mischief afoot).

"How are they?" I asked Jon.
"I already had to chew two boys out. I told them the next time they see me will be in the morning to wake them up or with you (referring to me) to be moved. We will see how they do," Jon replied as he walked past my desk toward the Voyager with blanket in hand.

All five ships are flying on this Overnight Camp. That is a good thing. Five ships means more money and more money means we survive another week with enough cash to meet our needs and perhaps a bit more for upkeep and maintenance.

I was told the school district's maintenance department will be in on Monday to start building a permanent wall between the sixth grade hallway and the commons area where we inflate our portable planetarium for our field trip star shows. This new wall will be a Godsend. Our sixth graders are a noisy mob between classes and when they are released from their lessons for recess. Their boisterousness makes it nearly impossible to conduct our planetarium Starlab shows. The new wall will insulate our Starlab from the hustle and bustle. It will hopefully cocoon us in beautiful quiet. Needless to say, our Space Center teachers are 'over the Moon' about this development. When they are happy, we are all happy.

Mrs. Houston is off tonight. Metta and Nicole are chaperoning the girls. Metta made a brief stop at my desk to ask me to turn on the gym's air conditioning. Last week they were asking for heat. It is Springtime in Utah.

I almost hesitate to say this for fear of Fortuna's wrath, but our simulators have been cordial this past week. Even the Phoenix has been cooperating with her flight directors. We've learned to really enjoy the good times when everything works as per its design, for we know all too well that dark times lurk round every corner.

It's 12:15 A.M. It's quiet. Not a peep from the ships.
And I spoke too soon. One young man just passed my desk.
"I don't feel too good," he said clutching his stomach. "I think I need to use the bathroom."
"Do you need the Happy Bucket?" I asked.
"I don't think so," he replied.
"Famous last words," I mumbled under my breath.

He's back and feeling better. Water, the miracle cure for all ailments.

I'm off to bed. It will be another busy Saturday with all ships flying.

Mr. Williamson
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