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Monday, March 12, 2012

A Time Space Portal Opened at the Space Center (and other things).

Hello Troops,
A portal in space time opened sometime during last weekend's Overnight Camp. My best guest would place the other end of the portal squarely in the Jurassic Period. This poor creature happened upon the portal and was stepping through just when the portal closed, trapping it between the Jurassic plains and Central Elementary School 2012.

I came upon the creature Friday night when I stepped out of the office to stretch my legs.

"What the heck!" I believe I said. I approached carefully - fearful of the beast's imminent release from the portal. If I had common sense I would have gone back to my desk to fetch the baseball bat I keep on hand just for things like this, but I didn't. I moved toward it cautiously, one step at a time.

The hallway was strangely quiet for a Friday Overnight Camp. I wondered where my staff and volunteers had gone? My heart raced when the thought that a gaggle of these dinobeasties might have successfully escaped the portal into our time, leaving this poor unfortunate behind, stuck dead when the portal closed on him. I had a vision of my poor staff and volunteers turned into Dinochow at the mercy of this pride of dinosaur lites. I looked for blood splatters on the floor and walls. There were none. That was a good sign.

I took a few extra steps toward the beastie. It looked dead - frozen in time. There were sounds of explosions and yelling. The Magellan was still flying! My blood pressure returned to normal. All was well at the Space Center. My staff and volunteers were alive and unaware of the mystery in the hallway.

What to do with the creature? The closing portal sliced the beast in half with surgical precision. Half a beast might prove entertaining if used on a mission at just the right time and place. The Cosmos had been kind to us.

Don't be startled then if you seen this little throw back to a nastier time in Earth's history suddenly appear on one of your next missions at the Space Center.

And for Something Completely Different......

This is James S. James is shaking hands with overly exuberant Christine. Christine is happy to give James his Odyssey pin. Her enthusiasm is contagious as seen in James' face. Christine spreads joy and happiness where ever she goes.

Did you know that Christine recently received an LDS mission call to Japan? Imagine what her personality will do to help them in their recovery efforts.

Mr. W.
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