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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Camp Scores. EdVenture Camp 5. July 12-14

Hello Troops,

We are on day 4 of our Heck Week!  Here are the results of the first EdVenture Camp of the week.

Voyager:   1.13  (Top Ship of the Camp!)
Phoenix:    1.13 
Magellan:  1.22
Galileo:      1.27
Odyssey:   1.47

The Voyager takes the Camp with a 1.13.  The Phoenix got the same score but didn't take the camp because the Voyager has more campers.  Sorry Phoenix.  They understand.  We have plenty of tissues on hand.

Our Lord of the Votes
Bradyn Lystrup

Our SubLord of the Votes
Brandon E.

The Other Camp Scores:

Coming Back:  1.04
Class Session:  1.45
Satisfaction Index:  8.77

Lagoon:  1.50
Movies:  1.11
Mall:  1.09
Water Park:  1.32

Our next EdVenture Camp starts in three hours.  Its all hands on deck.  This is our busiest week of the summer/

Mr. Williamson

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C.Wallentine said...

Well done, Voyager.