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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Heck Week is Upon Us and The Red Blemish

The Red Blemish spotted by one of the Space Center's security Cameras

 Hello Troops,

Today is the eve of Heck Week at the Space Education Center.  In a state of delirium (according to my staff) I squeezed two back to back EdVentures Camps in the second week of July when I mapped out the summer camp season at the beginning of February of this year.

"What were you thinking!?" I'm asked by any member of staff or volunteer with enough guts to question one of my executive decisions as Director of the Space Center. "You realize people have lives?  You realize people have to sleep?  You realize by the end of that week you may be on the receiving end of a revolution.  The Proletariat will rise, there could be rioting through the halls of Central School.  There could be pillaging, looting and the possibly use of questionable language in reference to your dictatorial rule over the starving masses."

I started hearing the mumbling of discontent in the school's hallways on Saturday.  Staff huddled around the water fountains and on the darkened stage, whispering and occasionally shooting poisoned glances in my direction.  The hair on the back of my neck stood erect most of the day.  My senses were quickened, thinking something solid might be hurled in my direction at any moment.

My heart beat faster when a younger volunteer passed me in the hall whistling "La Marseillaise".  A vision clouded my sight.  In the vision I saw the last Bourbon monarch, Louis XVI, being led to Madam Guillotine for the swift removal of his head.  I wanted to stop the youngster and lie that I had nothing to do with the schedule.  I resisted the temptation.  I am Lord Muck of the Space Center.  The masses will do as they are told.  If I say "Work!" they will work.  There will be no revolt.  Are there no workhouses?  Are their no debtors prisons?  Let them think of the consequences.  A revolt will open the door to Kaos and her agents.  A revolution will lead to the collapse of this Bastian of Imagination.  Let the masses think and ponder on that.  At the end of the day they will do their duty unless riled up by someone or something else.

The Red Blemish's scooter spotted late last night.
We know he lays his head at night.
(Thanks to "M, The Destroyer of Worlds" his arch rival)

The Red Blemish. Wanted for Sedition.   

The failed superhero  'Red Blemish' was spotted by one of the Space Center's security cameras during the last Super Overnight Camp.  He arrived by scooter in the darkest hour of the night to hear complaints and help orchestrate a revolt against Heck Week.  

"I'm here to assist the weak and helpless," he said to those gathered for the clandestine meeting.  "I'm here to give voice to the voiceless.  I'm here to fight for the right and vanquish evil.  I'm here to remind Mr. Williamson that the staff and volunteers are people too and they have a right to be normal.  Mr. Williamson must answer for his decision to put two EdVenture Camps back to back but be careful if you try to talk to him about this unprepared.  His look of disappointment may cause your heart to spaz out and skip several beats from ten paces.  Wait until he is distracted if you're going to corner him and demand concessions."  The Red Blemish had everyone's attention.  None more so than Space Center Supervisor Bradyn Lystrup.  

"Mr. Blemish, may I demonstrate?" Bradyn asked from the floor.  

"Go right ahead," The Red Blemish answered.  He stepped away from Mr. Williamson's desk.  Mr. Williamson was unaware of the secret meeting.  He was being responsible and chaperoning the sleeping campers in the gym.  Again, always doing his duty. 

Bradyn sat down in Mr. Williamson's chair, put on his reading glasses and demonstrated what to look for in a distracted Mr. Williamson

"Strike when Mr. Williamson is at his computer.  You'll know he's distracted by how he holds his head.  Look for a 25 to 30 degree angle as he moves his head up and down to get the glasses to focus correctly on the screen,"  Bradyn explained as he demonstrated the correct head angle. 

"The next best time to get Mr. Williamson is when he's on the telephone."  Bradyn took the phone, leaned to one side in the chair and put his hand to his forehead, giving the universal sign for 'I Have a Migraine".  "Don't strike unless he's leaning and his right hand is caressing his forehead.  This tells you he's in an annoying conversation demanding his full attention.  If the signs are there - strike.  If they aren't, step back and wait for the next call."  

"Well Done," The Red Blemish complemented Bradyn for his fine observational skills.  "We all know what we have to do to reclaim our rights against things like Heck Week.  Remember, I'm with you 100%.  I know you can do this!" 

The Red Blemish was ready to make his dramatic escape.  "Look, its Mr. Williamson!" He shouted as he pointed toward the office's door. Everyone turned to look -  there was no Mr. Williamson.  The Red Blemish was gone when they turned back!  Everyone was amazed and wondered how he did it.  The sound of a scooter was heard outside the Voyager's Brig door.  He was gone into the still of the night.

Mr. Williamson is offering a reward for the live capture and delivery of The Red Blemish to him on grounds of sedition.  The Red Blemish should be considered somewhat dangerous when upset (he has a tendency to throw things).  He will not go easily and may attempt hypnosis to escape his captors.

A Note from Mr. Williamson

I know its going to be a rough week Troops.  I know you can do this.  Put on a happy face, roll up our sleeves and get into the trenches.   We are Imagination's army.   Let's do what we are trained to do.              


Miranda said...

Here here! We've been through worse! Push through it!! ;)

Anonymous said...

For honer, and glory! We fly to the simulators!!!