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Friday, September 14, 2012

"Four Hours, A Space Trip". A Must See Video on the Space Center.


Even Disneyland closes attractions from time to time for repair.
We are in good company :)

 Hello Space Center Fans!

I have a real treat for you today, something to lift your spirits while the Space Center is closed for renovation.  Below is a YouTube video entitled Four Hours, A Space Trip.  This 20 minute video is a documentary on the Space Center filmed by Mark T. Lewis;  Mark was a BYU film student at the time.  This film was his Pièce de résistance while at BYU.  Mark entered Four Hours, A Space Trip  in several student film festivals around the country.  I consider it the best film made on the Space Center.

Four Hours, A Space Trip follows a class of students on their Space Center field trip.   The film starts at their elementary school the morning of their adventure. You ride with them on the bus to the Space Center.  You watch them pull up in front of Central Elementary.  You go into the simulators with them.  You watch them do their best to succeed in a mission called The Children of Perikoi.  You see them stress over decisions and you share in their joy of success.

Our visiting students, the Space Center staff and our young volunteers are the stars of  Four Hours, A Space Trip.  You'll even get to see inside the sacred Control Room and watch Yours Truly in action at the microphone.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy the video.  Please leave a comment telling us your thoughts.

And now, silence in the house.  The lights are dimming; the red velvet curtain is opening, and for Pete's sake, will someone get that crying baby out of the theater!

Mr. Williamson

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