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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Metta Smith Leaves the Assembly of Space Center Elders. Flight Director Nicole Shares a Fond Magellan Memory. And, The Imaginarium!

Hello Troops,
Last night the Elders of the Space Center gathered at the Fortress of  Solitude in Pleasant Grove to commiserate over this weekend's departure of one of the eldest Elders of the Space Center, Metta Smith.  

Metta recently graduated from BYU, and if that wasn't enough of an accomplishment, was recently promoted to Lieutenant in the Air Force.  Metta will be stationed at some Air Force Base in Oklahoma.  The posting isn't a state secret - I just can't remember the name of the base.  This position, while regarded as an stepping stone along Metta's career path, is a serious loss for the Space Center.  

Metta will be missed.  And in the spirit of true sportsmanship, we surrender our claim to her and bid her adieu and success in Oklahoma.  May she never forget the little people she leaves behind.  May she never forget the numerous Overnight Camps worked both as a Supervisor and Chaperon.  May she never forget the thrill of a successful mission and the love and respect of her comrades.  

The Elders of the Space Center gathered in a ceremonial circle in the darkened Great Hall.    Their shadows danced by candlelight over the grey stone walls.  Metta stood in the center,  wearing the crimson vestments of her position. Her hood rested upon her shoulders, revealing her face and head to the assembly.   

"Venture into this world," The Grand Master spoke from his position at the circle's prime.  "We release thee to go forth to serve those who call themselves human, for they are most dear to the Assembly"  He waved his hand through the musty humid air.  A large hologram of the Milky Way Galaxy appeared directly over Metta's head.  Earth's position was highlighted in blue, along with the other known space faring planets.  

"When we will we reveal ourselves to them; I believe the time is near?" Metta asked.  

The Grand Master paused for a moment before answering.  "It has been written in the Book of Time, what has been will be and want will be has been."

"So it is written," the Assembly chanted.

"I will accompany her and then return," Megan Warner took two steps from the wall.  She removed her hood to reveal herself to her fellow Elders.  

"This is good.  You both have the Assembly's blessing."  The Master stretched out his arm revealing a newly formed Space Time Portal.  "Go now and remember the Directive.  Prepare this race for their induction into our galactic community."  

Megan walked to Metta.  They both bowed toward the Prime Position, turned, and stepped through the Portal - into the River of Time.

Good Luck Metta.  Make us proud in the United States Air Force!

Magellan Set Director Nicole Shares a Story About One of Her Favorite Overnight Campers. 

During an overnighter when I was a volunteer, I excitedly offered to be the doctor for the Magellan mission. Over the course of the night, I got to know the different crewmembers, but the one who was always the most excited to see me was our young Counterintelligence officer. You could often see us chatting away in the corner of the Magellan bridge about the mission or our lives in Starfleet.

At one point during the mission, the crew was being forced off the bridge by intruders. In the next room, we decided that we could take our bridge back from the intruders with phasers we had found in our armory. The weapons were dispersed to the crew, but unfortunately we didn't have enough phasers for everyone; one person would have to do without. The Counterintelligence officer looked at her phaser and handed it off to another crew member. "It's okay, I don't need one," she announced to the crew. "I'm going to help the doctor heal people!"

The crew agreed with the plan, and so she and I stayed in the Discovery to heal any officers who had been hit by phaser fire. It didn't take long until the wounded were being pulled to us. I used my tricorder to figure out where the crewmember was injured. I told her that my pills were color-coordinated. I knew that if there was an upper-body injury they would take a red pill, and if it was a lower-body injury they would take a blue one. I scanned the first few officers, offered some comforting words, announced where the injury was, and then the Counterintelligence officer would give them the correct pill. Our system was working perfectly until she asked, "Can I try scanning them?"

It seemed like such an easy request. However, I knew that my tricorder wasn't giving me any information. What would happen when she tried to diagnose a patient and realized that it didn't do anything, that it was all pretend?
 I told her that I would love the help and handed her the tricorder. I waited with baited breath as she waved it across her fellow crewmember. "Hmmmm..." she said as she stared at the tricorder. After a moment, she announced, "I think it is an upper-body injury." She handed the tricorder to me. "What do you think, Doctor?"

I looked at the tricorder and then back to her. "It looks like you're right. Give him the red pill." She handed over a pill and moved on to the next person. After a while, she stopped asking me if she was right. I sat back and smiled as she began diagnosing all the crew members on her own.

This little girl has given me one of my fondest Space Center memories and made me realize how much I love working there. Since that mission, I've seen all types of crewmembers come through our doors. Some can't seem to get into the mission and instead find ways to criticize or complain. But there are some who can use their imagination. They embrace every moment of their time there and become a space explorer. Having an imagination like that can help you put on a role that you never would ever be able to take. That little girl may never be a doctor in her lifetime, but for a short while in the Magellan, she became one of the best doctors in the Federation of Planets!   

A now, join me for a slow stroll through Wonderland's Imaginarium.  Careful not to disturb those lost in thought.  

Creativity: A
Not as efficient as gas pumps lined up in straight row, but here in Wonderland
Efficient vs. Creative is a no brainer.  Creative always wins.

The Entrance to a Wonderland Book Shop
Not your typical Barnes and Noble is it?

Never let anything mechanical know you are in a hurry.
Wonderful advice.

Your World:  "Sorry man, I ate your cookies."
At the Imaginarium:  Look above.  How could Mitch get angry over his missing cookies?

An Open Mind and Open Heart is the doorway to a bright future.

Creative Advertising and a Public Service.
Only found at a Wonderland Bus Stop.

Brought to you by the Chocolate Growers of Earth.

Go Ahead.  Make his day.

Small, compact and loaded with Imagination.

Your World:  "Watch for Playing Children.  Drive 10 MPH"
Wonderland:  Look Above.

Creative Design: A
A solar powered outdoor lounge chair

Wonderland street art.

Oh Fortuna, Who hath displeased you?

The only bus I'll take when not in a hurry.

It's called, "Outside".  Its that place your Mother tells you to go to all the time.

I knew there had to be a use for those discarded breath mint containers.

 Give that man a raise!

A Wonderland Trailer Park.

Decorations compliments of soda bottle caps.

There was a malfunction in the Space Time Continuum Today.
Do not panic.  All will be well.

My day, the Old School vs. Today 

Finally.  Don't find an excuse not to go to the link below to find your place in the universe.  This is required.  Don't disappoint me.  I'll know if you don't and the consequences won't be pretty.

Mr. Williamson

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