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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jupiter Takes One for the Team and Other Things

Hello Troops,

The video below shows the moment Jupiter was struck by a mighty meteorite yesterday - and our only record of it is this image, captured by a lone webcam chugging away in the early hours of the morning.

As the people of Earth carried out their lives unawares, it seems our gas giant neighbour took a forceful blow to the side at about 11.35am GMT yesterday.

Amateur astronomer George Hall, from Dallas, captured the flash on video at 5:35am CET - but he only went to check his footage after hearing online that another astronomer, watching the planet with his own eyes, saw the huge explosion bloom out of Jupiter in the blink of an eye.

Jupiter has been known as the 'cosmic vacuum cleaner' of the solar system.

The planet's mass and large orbit sweeps up the scattered meteors that are relics from the early days of our solar system formation, with the planet either 'taking the bullet' itself, or deflecting orbits away from the inner planets.

Many astronomers believe life would not have got started on Earth with Jupiter's influence - and before our solar system settled down, Earth was frequently bombarded with giant impacts.

An Update

Other than Jupiter's gallant heroism there is no other news to report from the Space Center.  Our Center is closed for maintenance and renovation.  The renovation hasn't started and I'm not sure a contractor has been hired. The renovation is under the direction of the school district's maintenance department.  We hope for the best.   Until then, we soldier on.  I'm continuing to teach my math class at Central and helping the principal and teachers at Shelley Elementary.  

I'm pleased to report that Jon Parker, Voyager Flight Director, has found a new job at the Common Sense Gas Station in north Orem.  He'd love to see anyone from the Space Center (campers included) so the next time you need gas, stop at the Common Sense and look for Jon.   Megan (Phoenix Flight Director) is substitute teaching.  Ben (Galileo Simulator) has also found a good job with better pay.  Our other flight directors and supervisors are actively looking for jobs, so let me know if you or someone you know is looking for an outstanding employee. 

I'm beginning to fear we won't have a staff left when the Space Center's key is returned and we are cleared to open.  Training new staff will take an additional couple of months.

 And now, let's stroll through the Imaginarium to find something creative.... 

A perfect disguise for a door's view hole

Yes boys, we are to be gentlemen and scholars

The Freak Show at the Utah State Fair

So don't waste your one life.

Why take the stairs?

The Time Travelers Gather

Christmas is a few months away.  Have anyone in mind for this stocking stuffer?

The Founders of Hogwarts

Another summer like the one we are in and this business will be
the perfect investment.

Who could throw this away? 
Perfect concept in advertising.
Imagination and creativity:  A

Someone just blew their diet.

Monday morning back to work and school. Right?

That's it, hold your conservative community hostage.

Planet Suckers.

Imagination: B

This one if for Emily, our Odyssey Set Director

And put so nicely with such a warm font.

The grass isn't always greener on the other side.
Enjoy what you have.

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