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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Friday and Easy Street

Hello Troops,

I'm experiencing real weekends again while the Space Center is closed.  Imagine having two days off a week.   I'm like a kid in a candy shop!  It's living on Easy Street!

I'd almost forgotten Easy Street - almost.  There was just enough of it tucked away in my memory to recognize it:  Cool temperatures, abundant shade, quaint homes and rose scented air lightly blended and served with a hint of humidity.  I neglected this wee lane tucked behind a small cluster of willows for the past 22 years.  Boy have I been missing out.  Why didn't anyone tell me how awesome it was to have a full weekend?  I blame my staff and volunteers :)

There is a lesson to be learned.  Don't let life become so full of work, responsibilities and duties that you can't stop and enjoy the leisure of Easy Street.  And please do me a favor; when visiting,  don't disturb the guy stretched out on the green grass under the Sycamore.  That would be me.

And now, Let's relax with elixir of life - pure Imagination.  

The body of a Fiat
The Soul of a Ferrari.
Could this be you?

A rich, celestial harvest.
A superb photo story. 
It is the Magic of Human Imagination

Brilliant.  In one poster we see extreme examples of both major political parties.
Democrats on top
Republicans on bottom.
Feeling like you don't belong?  Welcome to the world of Free Thinkers.

Do you miss this place?  
What was it about this story that captivated the hearts of millions?
Brilliant Imagination.

I'll take a double serving, thank you.
Would this imaginative sign entice you to eat at this establishment?
Break the mold. 
Be Creative.

Two jewels in humanity's crown
Charlie Chaplin and Helen Keller

First on my list.  

It's that easy.
Believe in yourself.

 Be honest.  Which describes you?

 School doesn't have to be this way.
Your choices should never be our way or the highway.
Don't lose your individuality.

Nothing deflates a teacher's spirit more than those six words.
You should care.  It is your future.
Give caring teachers a chance.
We're not in it for the money!

Brilliance in Engineering

Have a Great Friday!

Mr. W. 
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