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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Do You Have an Idea for the New Space Center? Sunday's Imaginarium.

Hello Troops,

I had a meeting yesterday with several Space Center staff and volunteers who've been meeting on their own to mull over possible plans for our new Space Center.  They want to contribute to the process of recreating the success of the old Space Center in the new Center being envisioned by the District's Space Center Committee.

Alex Debirk was on hand to offer expert advice on their building ideas.  Alex is a former Space Center flight director and designer of the new Galileo.  Alex still contributes to the Space Center by creating computer special effects for our missions.  Alex graduates in three weeks with a Masters degree in structural engineering from Berkeley.  Buildings are his speciality.

BJ Warner, Stacy Carrell, Skyler Paxman, Jon Parker, and Ben Murdock presented their vision for a new Space Center building.  Their building design included several starship simulators, classrooms, briefing rooms, dorms,  etc.  A planetarium, offices, and gift shop were also part of their dream building.   I was impressed with their work.

Community citizenship and a true spirit of volunteerism is the foundation of the Space Center.  This spirit is evident in our volunteers and staff who continue to meet on their own, without pay (despite the Space Center's closure) to work toward the continued success of this happy place we call The Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center.   Their work is just one example of the success that comes when an educational institution joins forces with its community and business partners to create a learning center unique to the world.

Alex Debirk took the ideas discusses in our meeting yesterday, drew them up in a preliminary sketch and emailed them to me for consideration.  I'd like to show you the initial sketches.  Remember, this is a very rough design for the 'dream' Space Center.  

Remember, this is a suggested design imagined by a committee of Space Center volunteers and staff.  It is a proposal they will be debating and altering over the next few weeks.  The plans above are for a much larger Center than the 2.5 million dollar Center currently being discussed.  This is the dream Center.  The cost for the Center above would be roughly $5,000,000.  We start with a dream, then work to achieve it. 

Please remember, the new Space Center may not offer overnight camps.  This is a decision to be made by the district's committee.  The school district's Space Center Committee has been designated to make official recommendations to the school board.   

The Space Center is here today because of people like you who have supported us for twenty-two years.  Your support gives you a voice,  a voice I'd like to hear.  All readers of The Troubadour are welcome to comment on this design.  What do you like?  What would you change?  What did the volunteer committee forget to include?  Do you have another idea you'd like to share?  This is your opportunity.  Please send a jpeg of your own design along with comments and suggestions.  Its speak now or forever hold your peace.  

All ideas and drawings will be posted on the blog for everyone's consideration.  Let your creative juices flow.  It is time to Imagine!  What would your dream center include?  How many ships?  Would you include a school as part of the new Center?  If so, what grades?  What would the school's emphasis be?   How could more math and science be integrated into future Space Center missions?  Besides simulators, what else could a new Space Center have to make it more field trip friendly to grades 1 to 4 and grades 7 to 12?    

The district's Space Center Committee will be discussing the new building at an upcoming meeting.  It would be good to have your ideas and suggestions to take with me into the discussion.  

Mr. Williamson

Space Science Lesson for the Day.

The Imaginarium

We haven't made a trip into the Imaginarium for quite a while.  Let's take a break and see creativity and imagination in action.

     Money is made when a person find's a need and fills it.
This is how a successful business works.

Creativity: A
A backpack with hood.
It fills a need

A good thing to remember

I post this as a reference to see beyond our five senses.
Just because we can't see it, feel it, hear it, or smell it doesn't mean it isn't real.
There are other dimensions of space time we can't sense in our 3 dimensional world.

Someone living in a 2D world wouldn't perceive us because we exist in 3 dimensions -
except for the exact place our finger intersects the plane of their 2D universe.

Are there signs out there of intersections from other dimensions of space time in our 
universe?  Something to ponder.

A pretzel bakery's Thanksgiving Offering.
Creativity: A

A unique calendar.

A careful balancing act.

These are popping up everywhere.
A need filled.  Take one, donate one.
Imagination: A

Humor: A

Making something special out of an ordinary everyday object like this trash can.

A special Christmas something for your door.
Creativity: A

His faith is being tested.

Haven't we all contributed a chapter to this book?

You have to give him credit for trying

Be nice to the people who serve you.

Brilliant design and very creative!

A unique bunk bed.
Take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.

This is going up in my classroom.
It made you stop and think, didn't it?

Brilliant advertising
Creativity: A
I'd buy several of these a year, check the appropriate box and give it as a humorous gift.
Find a need and fill it.

A clever way to include something common place into something imaginative.

I don't get this and I never will.
What are these two thinking?
I'm glad the world has people like this.  I'm not one of them.

Some people live outside the box.
They will always push the boundary.

You know you're approaching self actualization with you really don't care
what people think.

A clever doorstop.
Creativity: A 

Guilty as charged.
I've got a prison full of these in my kitchen.

Impossible in my opinion without the Force.
A creative teacher with a sense of play and humor.

A creative use of 20 ounce soda and water bottles.


I rarely would consider posting a photo of a toilet but this one begged to be shared.
Reading materials not needed in this restroom.

This boy has the right idea when out Christmas shopping with his mom.

Remember, there is always something to be found worthy of mention.
Imagination: A

Brilliant holiday decoration idea.
I'll be nobody in your neighborhood has thought of this yet.
Be the first.

So that's why?
I get it now.

The real Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.

A light saber across your car's grill, your punishment will be.

You'd be surprised how many businesses and organizations treat their employees this way.
Something you'd never find at the Space Center.
We welcome and require ideas and suggestions.

Which are you?

Why do we still cling to the old ways?

A Thanksgiving Pizza.
Creativity: A

I badly want.
Steve Martin's business cards.

Take an ordinary thing and make it extraordinary.

Sometimes security cameras catch people showing us that there are plenty of good people left in this world.  

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