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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Space Center News Update. Answers to Your Questions. The Imaginarium.

First.  I've not been receiving all the emails sent to me using the  email address.  Most of them bypassed my computer completely and disappeared into the abyss of space.  Please resend all emails intended for me within the last month to my secondary email address

And please use this as my new email address for future emails.

Mr. Williamson

Hello Troops,

The Space Center Committee met last Thursday.  The meeting was held at Central School.  Jodee Sundburg and Mark Clement, two members of the Alpine School District's Board of Education, were in attendance along with Jeanne Bates, Vicki Carter and myself.   Our first task was to select other members of the committee from a long list of people who had expressed an interest in joining.  We all agreed the committee needed to be representative of our entire District.  I'm very pleased with the result.  This advisory committee will consist of parents, teachers, principals, administrators, students and members of the school board.  

I want to thank everyone who put their name forward to participate in this process of guaranteeing the future of this one of a kind, grass roots endeavour, started 22 years ago at this small elementary school in Pleasant Grove.   We have many challenges ahead of us as we look to the future and envision a new Space Center large enough to handle our District's explosive growth. Funding will be a challenge, but the dedication and determination expressed by everyone in the meeting made me feel confident that we can and will build an outstanding, 21st century educational center.  We will continue the original Space Center's tradition of being the best field trip in the State.

Goals and Objectives

Writing as the Director of the Space Center, I'd like to share my wish list for the Space Center's immediate future.  I'll present these items to the committee for discussion.  Remember, there is give and take in all discussions.  We may get some of these, none of these, or all of these.  The committee will make recommendations for the Board's final decision.
  1. I'd like to see the Magellan, Galileo and Phoenix repaired and opened as soon as possible. 
  2. I'd like to see our volunteers back to work.
  3. I'd like to see our computer programming guild programming for the new Space Center.
  4. I'd like to start our evening class programs in astronomy, aviation, geology, nuclear science and space exploration.
These objectives will keep the Center operational during this transition from old to new.  Thank you all for your continued support.

Your Questions     

Many of you have sent questions through email and through the comments section of the blog.  I'd like to take a minute and answer those questions.

Keaton F. said...
What happened at the committee meeting?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Please tell me progress is being made!
Keaton, thank you for the question.  Yes, progress was made.  Please refer to the information at the start of this post and thanks for reading and for your support!

Anonymous said...
If the District is going to filter the blog Vic should just start emailing us or using the space center staff website to keep us informed! Freedom of speech! LONG LIVE THE SPACE CENTER!
Anonymous, Thank you for the comment. The Troubadour is not censored or filtered. I'm not being told what I can and cannot write. 
I know many of you are frustrated by the lack of constant updated information.  You may perceive this delay as censoring when it isn't.  Sometimes there is no news.  

Rome wasn't built in a day.  Working out the future of the Space Center will take time. You will be updated as soon as there is news to share.

Anonymous said...
What ever happend to I-worlds??? Its a little off subject, but they kinda just vanished.
The iWorlds ship Valiant was housed at Thanksgiving Point two summers ago.  From there it moved to Park City High School.  It was there from last November to May.  It currently sits in storage in Provo.  

The CEO of iWorlds is serving as an LDS mission president in Cambodia.  

I'm working with Wes and Cindy Smith on finding a new home for the Valiant simulator.  There are a few interesting prospects.  I'll keep you informed as they develop.  Perhaps we will have the Valiant up and running soon at a location near you

Isaac O. said... What will happen to the blog, when the center closes are you going to stop doing posts too? I hope not, I turn to this so that i die of bordom =P
Thank you Isaac for the compliment.  The Space Center is not closed.  Our operations are temporarily suspended.  We are working to get part of the Center up and running again as we make plans for a future Space Center.  
The Troubadour will continue.  It is the online home for friends of the Space Center.  It will continue as long as the Center has fans.  Thanks for being one of them.  I appreciate your support!      
Friends, please submit your questions through the comments section located at the bottom of each blog post.  I'll respond to all of them.

The Space Center's 22nd Anniversary

Twenty two years ago the Space Center opened its doors to the public.  It was a one of a kind facility designed to take students where no man has gone before.

Many people know the back story to the Space Center, some don't.  It all started during the 1982/83 school year. A secretary in the elementary education department at BYU mixed up my student teaching assignment.  I was suppose to go to Springville.  I suppose you can say it was a fateful mistake.

"I can send you to a sixth grade at Central Elementary School in Pleasant Grove," the secretary said apologetically.  She knew I had already been offered the position in Springville. She knew she blew it by sending someone else there instead.  

"Where's Pleasant Grove?" I asked.  She explained it was north of Orem.  I took the assignment. After all, one school was as good as any other.

I wasn't impressed with Central Elementary's appearance when I arrived for my first day of student teaching.  The school looked old and dingy.  The hallways were dark, the office was the size of a postage stamp and the secretary appeared frazzled.

"Mr. Thompson is in room 19," she said curtly.  "It's down the hall and to your left."

Mr. Thompson was my cooperative teacher.  He was three years older than me and "the cool" teacher in the sixth grade.  I sat at the back of his room and watched him teach.  I was most interested in his classroom management.  He used assertive discipline.  He was friendly, outgoing and warm toward his students.

As the days passed, he turned more and more of the curriculum over to me.  He sat in the back, watched and offered advice.

"Victor, you've got the next science unit on space," he said one day in April 1983.  Those were the fateful words that started me on the road to creating the Space Center we have today.

(to be continued).

The Imginarium

Wow, this post is pretty long.
Let's take a break and enjoy some time in the Imaginarium.  

You're asking why you never thought of it.

Ouch, this is just like the problems I help kids with every day.
I hated word problems like this when I was a student and 
I still don't like them very much.

There, now use this information as you dream up your next
time travel story ideas for the simulators. 

Anyone have a few cuddly kittens I can bring to my next
Space Center Committee meeting?

The coolest looking flag in the world.
Bet you didn't know it was the combined flag of England, 
Scotland and Ireland, did you?

What happens with the copy machine sneezes.
Imagination: A

Creativity: A+

This is what you call "Creative Parenting".

"Would you like fries with that?" taken to the extreme.
This comes from France.  Do the Europeans really believe Americans
would eat something this disgusting?

Complete with crackling sound.
Creativity: A

Look how fast technology has changed the world.
Imagine what the next 20 years will bring.

A stenciling project for the sidewalks in your neighborhood
or better yet, near your church  :)

Imagination: A

An unruly demonstration in Canada.

Another A for creativity.

I'd be tempted but I'm guessing it wouldn't be too good in the wind.
At least it would roll nicely in an accident.

All wrapped up in that little think in your pocket.

A library counter made of books.
Imagination: A

A Perfect Way to End this Post.

Dragon Baby

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Anonymous said...

Wait, are you saying that they might not tear down the ships? And how long do you think the repairs will take for the ships?