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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Posts from the Space Center's First Blog, Spaceedventures.

Do you know how blessed you are?
Appreciate your educational opportunities.

 Hello Troops,
The Troubadour starts the week with a few posts from the Center's previous blog "Spaceedventures".  Spaceedventures started in March 2000 and was discontinued when The Troubadour took its place.

Spaceedventures stores hundreds of old posts and articles, many of which are interesting to read and archive from a Space Center historical viewpoint.  I'm slowing working my way through the old blog's posts and moving them to The Troubadour for save keeping until a more permanent history of the Space Center is written some time in the future.

Mr. Williamson 

 June 2, 2000

Hello Voyagers!
I recently received this email. I thought you may like to read it.  Its good to know that what we do makes a difference.  Sit back, read, and pat yourselves on the back.

Mr. W.

And now Ashley's letter:

Ashley Wright sent the following...

I recently atended your over-night camp on the 19 & 20th of this month. It was the best thing I have ever done. I was admiral of the Magellan space station. Being an admiral was not an easy job.  But it taught me a lot of responsibilities. 

I talked face to face with an alien that I had to have a translator in order to talk to
him. We made a date with Captain Jose & our communications officer in trade for some coolent. Another time we even traded 2 pairs of Nike shoes for coolent. 

I would suggest this camp to all of my friends.  I would like to bring a cousin of mine to your 3 day summer camp. I have found out that your summer camps this year are already full.  If you could, please send all the information you have on your summer camps. I am going to work really hard this summer in order to have some money to attend next years summer camp. Please include the price for those 3 day camps. 
I hope to hear from your camp very soon. Again I would like to say, I think it is the most wonderfull & the most exciting thing I have ever done. I will recomend this program to all of my friends!

December 27, 2000

Bill Neville was a blue shirt supervisor in the late 1990's.  He graduated and left the Space Center for college. 

December 27, 2000

Vic -

Well, after a delinquent absence, I figured that it's probably about time to give you an update on my life.

I ended up graduating from Rowland Hall a year early and enrolled at
Davidson College in North Carolina. It's a fantastic liberal arts college, though I seem more and more to be operating under the assumption that it is a conservatory theatre program. While this isn't true (our department has three profs and only four majors a year), the faculty is outstanding and the level of passion that everyone brings to classes, productions, and extracarriculars is truly mind blowing.
It's hard to imagine that I'm already halfway through my sophomore year - 2.5 years until the real world, right? Or at least Grad school... But it has been a blast and a blur. Living 24 hours a day with some of the most intellectually challenging, intelligent, dedicated people I've ever met has proven to be more fun than I could have imagined. I've found myself drowning (and loving it) in Shakespearean lit theory and in all aspects of theatre, and it looks like I'm heading for a career directing professionally. I'm also loving set and lighting design more and more, but I've found a passion for directing that I could not previously have imagined.

It's been a great, wild few years, and I credit my time working with you at the Space Center with helping me find my own drive and vision, and especially with overcoming my fear of leadership. I ran into a friend from high school who mentioned that a RHSM crowd was coming down
sometime over break. The craziness never really seems to end, does it?

I hope that all is well with you, and that you're taking some occasional time off from your overwhelming dedication to the kids you encounter each day.

If you get the chance to drop me a note, I'd love to get caught up on
everything happening your way. Merry Christmas, and I hope I can make it down sometime soon to see how everything is going in gand ol'
Pleasant Grove...

All That Jazz,
Bill Neville

And something from a news update posted at the end of the year.

December 28, 2000

Hello Troops!
I want to take a minute to update you on Christmas developments at the

1. The Magellan is getting a much needed face lift.

2. The Galileo is up on blocks! Yesterday Kyle Herring and Principal Adams hoisted the Galileo up and placed it on blocks so the wheel base
could be replaced and the wheels repaired.
3. The Galileo is getting new computer programs. Brian Hawkins, our
hypercard programmer and a member of our education staff (Programming Classes) is getting the Galileo ready for the
Oceanography Super Saturdays coming up in January.
4. The Odyssey is getting its submarine programs updated also getting
ready for the Oceanography Super Saturdays.
5. Mr. Daymont is preparing the Falcon for its switchover to become a
simulator. It's new stories will match the rest of our ship's for fun and excitiment - full EdVentures on the Falcon are coming!
6. Soren Seibach, our assistant Hypercard Programmer, is working
to finish the Magellan's new computer controls. Due date is Jan.
7. Final touches are being put on the Discovery by Kyle Herring and
Dan Adams. As many of you know, the Discovery is the Magellan's
Briefing room and science center for Central Elementary.
8. The Voyager is having its computers cleaned and black plastic
9. The Odyssey is going to get a new entrance. The Center recently
received a donation of a new revolving door just like the one on the stage to enter the Voyager. The new door will be placed on the outside of the Odyssey to assist with the "transition" from the real world to the world of make believe.

As you can see, the Space Center never sleeps. A special thanks to all

our staff for the extreme dedication it takes to keep our sets up and
running. I am amazed at the level of volunteerism and dedication our
flight directors and volunteers display. Thanks to all for being a
part of our team and making the Center one of the world's most unique
learning Centers.

Mr. Williamson
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