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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Now, the Realistic (within budget) Plan

Hello Troops,
We had a chance to see and comment on Alex DeBirk's $5,000,000 Dream Center in an earlier post.   This morning, Alex Debirk sent a realistic trimmed down design for a center that might be built within the expected budget of around $2.5 million. 

Alex's notes on the design
I have come up with a basic design that is almost within budget, but it requires the following caveats:

Required budget: $2.6 million
Simulator space is priced at $175/sq ft.
Non-simulator space is priced at $125/sq ft.

The total square footage of the building is 18,155, with 5,930 sq. ft of simulator space, and 12225 sq ft of non-simulator space.

It should allow four classes to attend field trips per day, and provide enough room for overnight camps. I'm not sure the Assembly area would be large enough to house a cafeteria and allow for extended summer camps, but I was stretched to the max as it was.

Note that the outer walls of the curved hallways have portholes that look into a starry background. This is optional. If it is removed, the square footage of the building falls to the around point where it can be built for $2.5 million based on price per square foot. Also note that the circles inside the large simulators denote turntable doors. Also note that this design is ADA compliant as far as I know, and requires no elevators or anything like that.

Let me know what you think.
An area for our Starlab Planetarium is one problem I see with this proposal.  Remember, a field trip encompasses one one hour in a space science class, 30 minutes in our Starlab Planetarium and 1hr 45 min in a simulation. 

This design allows up to 33 students in a class and four classes per day.  We need to find a way to boost that to 37 in a class to meet the needs of some of the school district's larger classes.

Your comments are welcome.  You may comment at the bottom of this post in the comments section.

Your Comments and Questions
Josh B. wrote:
Hi Mr.Williamson,
I was just reading about your suggestions on the new center, and I just thought of 2 more...
 1. What if we had a Borg Cube ship, just for missions? (In my opinion, it would be small, )
 2. It would be awesome if you could take and elevator to the shuttle bay
      Anyways, thank you for your time.
Allie T wrote
The new dream center ideas are great! I think we should have a gift shop and more ships and every thing the council has said, except for the no overnighters.They should stay, they were the best!
The hallways should look futuristic like the ships. At the school it wasn't as cool to be thrown from a starship into a school in the middle of a mission. And with the hallways, something that really bothered me about the away missions in the school was the windows! A lot of the away missions are on other ships, and when you can see the sun shining on a playground outside, it makes it pretty obvious that you aren't in space. So i don't think we should have windows in the hallways at the new center. And if we do, we should have cool window covers that look maybe like keypads or something. We can't forget the nooks and crannys for the staff and campers to hide in while shotting each other. And it would be cool if they're was secret passages and stuff in the walls for the staff to hide in.
Annonomous wrote
Only problem i see with the laser tag is that sometimes the "aliens" are supposed to take over the bridge and that might become more difficult if its lazer tag because there is usually more crew than "aliens"                                               
Staff Member 14 wrote
Four questions...
1. Where exactly is this new space center going to be?  We don't know that yet.
2. When do you think it will be finished and we can go back to work? Sorry but we don't know that either.
3. By no overnighters, do you mean camps, or just plain old overnighters?  Both.  The decision must still be made.
4. What do you think, Mr. Williamson, about maybe no overnighters? 
Overnight Camps are a large source of income.  The School District would be required to give the Space Center a yearly budget if the camp program were discontinued. 
Some Silly Staff wrote
When is the big district meeting? Is it the 28? or today on the 27?
Also, staff and campers should come to it right? And if we should what time should we be there? 
The meeting is open only to those on the committee.
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