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Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Short Post for Superbowl Sunday. The Imaginarium.

Superbowl Sunday
The Ultimate Party Tray

Hello Troops,
Two good videos and the Imaginarium to share this Superbowl Sunday.

Ever wonder what it was like to drive the Lunar Rover across the surface of the moon?

The video up top was recorded by Apollo 16 astronauts John Young and Charles Duke, the second Apollo crew to get to use the Lunar Rover, although only Young as mission commander got to actually drive the thing. The first half of the video was taken by a stationary Duke as Young drove past, providing the more familiar image of the lunar rover in action at close quarters. But it's the second half of the video that's really spectacular, as the camera is placed right at the front of the lunar rover and shows the lunar landscape flying past — insofar as anything can fly past at a maximum speed of approximately 10 miles per hour — just as Young and Duke would have seen it 41 years ago and 238,000 miles away.

The Troubadour encourages its readers to Imagine, Believe, Learn and Do.  This philosophy applies to all aspects of life, including sports.  Watch.....

The Imaginarium

Imagination, either use it or lose it.  The Imaginarium reminds you to make the ordinary, extraordinary.

What happens to a normally intelligent, happy child when she just  misses the ice cream man

Sometimes that's all life has to offer.

Superbowl Sunday soda display at Walmart.
Creativity: A

 The one fortune that always comes true.

Epic Stormtrooper

From the Creative Minds at the 'To Die For Kitchens'

You're never too old to be a Superhero


 The things that drive us potty!

Except in the world of K12 education.
3:00 P.M. means freedom is 30 minutes away for teacher and student!

The Three Evils

The best and shortest part of buying something new.

 Imagination: A

Creative way to increase the day's takings.

Can it really be that simple?
 Do we do this to ourselves?

How Japanese Anime eyes look on a real person.

Balloon Buzz.

Imagination: A
Bet you never thought of this, did you?

Can you figure out what's wrong in this picture?


The life of a Stormtrooper

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