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Monday, February 25, 2013

Today Starts the Work Week. A Brilliant Observation, Wouldn't You Say?

Hello Troops, 

I'm grateful for my Battlestar (my 2000 Lincoln), so I happily and most enthusiastically thank you engineers for your contributions to the modern world we live in today.  And to all you younglings considering a future in engineering, may I heartily urge you to continue that line of thinking.  I've got a long wish list of cool gadgets I've seen in multiple science fiction movies and TV shows I want in my hands now, not thirty years from now when I'll be confined to the Nearly There Home for the Elderly and Confused.  By then, just remembering how to flush a toilet will be a praiseworthy accomplishment worthy of an extra 20 minutes of TV before my 6:30 P.M. bed time.   So, become the engineers this country needs, and give me the toys I want - nay -  give me the the toys I demand.

You have your marching orders.  Make it happen.

Today the Space Center hosted a class from Windsor Elementary.  They did a good job working through the Intolerance mission.  Of course, we can't start a week without something going wrong.  One of the primary computers on the bridge wouldn't start.  It is most likely dead.  Luckily we have a few spare Mac Mini's from the Odyssey we can drop in. 

Questions from the Comments Section of the Blog:

akio9999 wrote:

Mr. Williamson,
I have one question: how do you think the state of the space center now compares to the state of the space center at before we shut down? Do you think we've gained something valuable, or do you think the closing was just as tragic as we initially thought? 

Thank you for your question.  The current state of the Space Center is different than what it was before we closed for renovation and reorganization last October. 

"Is it as tragic as we initially thought?"  Not necessarily; looking on the bright side - the Space Center is open.  We have three simulators fully repaired and qualified to house students.  The District is committed to continue the Space Center at a new facility sometime in the future.  The Space EdVentures Foundation is working to restore the Space Center's former programs; the Programming Guild, the private missions and camps, and the volunteer program.  If we are successful in this endeavor, then there will be cause to celebrate.  Let's stay positive and soldier on.

Mr. Williamson

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