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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Its Wednesday at the Space Center

A simple Random Act of Kindness changes you and the receiver.

Hello Troops,
I attended a very informative workshop last night called Kinesthetic Astronomy offered by the school district and Clark Planetarium.  I learned how to model the entire solar system using students as planets and moons.  I'm anxious to use the material. 

Remember to always be a life long learner.  No matter what your age, always look for opportunities to learn.  Take classes, enroll in workshops, join discussion groups, read, read and read.

1)  Working on those insurance quotes.  Once those are in place we begin
      talking to the District about renting the simulators so YOU can continue to
      be part of the Space Center experience.
2)  Our Foundation will be seeking funds to hire one of top programmers
      to create a new set of controls for PC's.  They will be programed in HTML5
3)  Our Foundation will continue to find ways to support the Space Center at
      Central School.  We are the unofficial Space Center Boosters Club!
      I'm glad you are a member too.

Mr. W.

The Imaginarium
 Always seek ways to make the ordinary, extraordinary. 

Random Acts of Kindness

It's raining at this science muesum

An interesting reflection.
A Highly polished surface

Keep a guard out.  We don't want to ruin our marvelous record.

People who change the world with one simple word.

The Sun's surface as it appears in a different wavelength.

One awesome cake

All of these things from 20 years ago now on one single pocket device.

A Pigs in the Puddle cake.

Life size pin art in London.
Imagination: A

As long as it works for him.

Ah, no more school days.

Kids these days!

Now I get it.

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