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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Some News and The Imaginarium.

Hello Troops,
Have you counted the number of Troubadour posts posted lately without The Imaginarium?  I've decided to correct the problem with today's post.  But before we let our imaginations run amok,  let me share a couple of interesting news articles related to space.

On the Meteorite that Took a Liking to Russia 

The extraterrestrial double whammy that Earth only partially avoided on Friday has triggered an immediate response from astronomers. Several have announced plans to create state-of-the-art detection systems to give warning of incoming asteroids and meteoroids.  Read More

Would You Like to Name Pluto's Moons?

Do you want to have a hand in shaping history? Well, now you have a chance... You can help astronomers name the moons of Pluto! Head over to before February 25th and cast your vote. Be sure to return to the site each day, as you have a new opportunity to vote every 24 hours.
The Imaginarium 
Time to make the ordinary, extraordinary.

Valentines Day on a Budget

 An Imaginative way to hide cords

 Great Imagineers have been around a long time

A Scottish Problem.



A Valentine's Day Gift to a Book Lover.

 A good place for an iPad.

I'm still trying to figure out a use for these.


 Teaching, its what I do.

 You may not like it, but you've got to give credit for imagination.

 Little Kim Jong Un just got his Nuclear Science Badge

Great Mini Ad

Well Played Horse.


Things to do with a fork while you wait for your food.

Cruel, very cruel.

Great name for a fast food joint.


You could add "Never get out of Bed" to make it solid cert.


OK, where to I buy these?

Having trouble spelling Bananas?

A Great place for Thai Food.


 Creativity: A

Brilliance in Advertising

The Sun's eye.

Swings at a bus stop.
Imagination: A

They've found a place to seek refuge.


Sidewalk Art.


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