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Friday, July 26, 2013

The Discovery Space Center's Simulators Revealed. Space and Science News. The Imaginarium

Hello Troops,
     What you are about to see is highly classified so shoo everyone out of the room, shut the door, scoot up close to the screen and prepare yourself for some heavy duty imagineering.
     Earlier this afternoon I stopped by the Discovery Space Center to take a few pictures of their last Galaxy Camp of the 2013 summer season.  I found the DSC's computer designer hard at work on something that looked technical and hush hush.  He was mind melded with his computer which made me hesitate to ask him what it was he was working on.   Curiosity won me over.
     "Kevin what is it you're working on?"
     "You talkin to me?" Kevin Roberts mumbled, his face no more than two inches from the screen.  His voice was wrapped thickly with a Brooklyn accent.
     "Sorry to bother you, but what are you working on.  It looks good."
     Kevin sat up straight and looked me in the eye.  "You ain't suppose to see these, but because we got history, so to speak, I'll tell ya."  He motioned for me to come closer.  "They're the specs for the ships here at the DSC, and ya didn't hear it from me, kapeesh?"
     I knew I had to share them with you, our readers.  The question was, would Kevin allow it?                 "Kevin, I want to share these with the readers of The Troubadour.  Can it be arranged?"
    Kevin smiled as he sat up straight.  I snapped a photograph.  The smile disappeared.  "You want to put my work on yer Truth or Dare blog?  Did I get that straight?"
    "I'm sure we can work something out, and its Troubadour, not Truth or Dare." I knew I was in some pretty deep water.  
    He thought for a moment before speaking. "Oh, we can work something out."  Kevin looked over his shoulder to make sure we weren't being overheard by one of the DSC's interns.  They ratted him out two weeks ago for talking to Megan Warner, the director of the CMSEC, over a few of the DSC's technical plans.
     "Here's whatcha going do...." Kevin explained in detail how the whole thing was going to go down. I followed his orders to the T.  I stopped by my bank, withdrew the required amount of money, put the money in a blue NIKE bag, drove to the Provo bus station and locked the bag with the money in one of the public lockers.  The plans came through to my email once one of Kevin's associates confirmed the drop off.
     Here they are Troops.  The top secret plans to the Discovery's four simulators; shown as they would be in the DSC's universe.

Mr. W.  


Space and Science News

As a highly respected and beloved British astronomer, when Sir Patrick Moore spoke, the people of England listened. Such esteem afforded him an excellent opportunity to perpetrate pranks, and on April Fool's Day 1976, he pulled off a doozy. That day, he went on television to announce that at precisely 9:47 A.M. a gravitational alignment would reduce Earth's gravity ever so slightly, and those who jumped into the air would feel a strange floating sensation.

Apparently, a lot of people took his advice. The BBC was flooded with gracious calls from people claiming to have floated.  It was the perfect science prank played on an entire nation.  

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