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Friday, July 19, 2013

Where Were You When the Cassini Took Your Photo from Saturn? Camper and Volunteer Stories. The Imaginarium

Where were you when our picture was taken from Saturn?
Cassini ready to capture your photo

Hello Troops,
Where were you today between 3:27 and 3:42 P.M. Mountain Daylight Time?  That's when the Cassini Space Probe turned its cameras on Earth from Saturn and took your photo.


CASSINI IMAGE TIMES   Cassini's wide-angle camera will acquire a full end-to-end mosaic of images of Saturn's ring system over the course of 4 hours on July 19. The Earth, which will be near the rings, will be captured in a series of both wide-angle and narrow-angle camera images taken between 21:27 to 21:42 UTC on that day. Those times translated into the US time zones are:
EDT: 5:27-5:42 pm
CDT: 4:27-4:42 pm
MDT: 3:27-3:42 pm
PDT: 2:27-2:42 pm 

I was driving the Battlestar around American Fork and Pleasant Grove.  In fact, Cassini might have captured me as I was walking away from the Space Center after delivering doughnuts to the staff and volunteers. Its always nice getting caught by a celestial object doing a good deed.   

What were you doing?  Take a minute and jot it down.  Download the photograph once it is release, add your personal details and stick it in your journal or frame it.  I'm thinking I'll look pretty good from 898 miles away.  I hope Cassini caught my best side.  

Mr. W.

Stories from the Campers and Volunteers

I read the blog and I have a Galileo 5 story I was wondering if I could share:
The very first mission I ever went on was on the old Galileo 5.  For those of you who didn't have the opportunity to fly on the old Galileo, there's 2 things you should know.  First, the ship was SMALL!  The Galileo was somewhere around half to 1/3 of the size of the current Galileo.  Second,  it moved.  Yes I know what your thinking, "It moved???  The ships at the space center don't really move, its all just a simulation."  No, it actually moved.  The Galileo was on some kind of really small robotic arm that could jerk the ship slightly around.  So if you got hit by an asteroid, the ship would jerk around and make it feel real.  It was so cool!
Anyways, I ran the mission Parameter, and I think my flight director was Ben, but this was 4 years ago and after all the missions I've done (some as a camper others as a volunteer) I'm not sure.  I cant remember to much, but its what got me hooked on the space center big time.  Thank you Galileo, whereever you are!
-Isaac O.

This is one of my stories at the space center

I was on the Voyager on a mission called "Greenpiece" about a year and a half ago. We had a really bad captain, it took us almost half an hour just to undock! During the whole mission, the captain would at random times come and hover right over my shoulder. At one point, he even put his chin right on my shoulder. Me and my friends kept asking him to please not, but he still would. On an away mission somewhere in the middle, there was a monster shooting at us. I took advantage of the time, and shot my captain on purpose! 

That same mission, our Security guards were also really bad. We heard noises on the lower deck, and our engineer was missing. I was pretty sure there was someone there who shot the engineer when he was working on the panel. Our security guards were really scared, and made me go down there! I asked them if I could at least take the phasor, but they said it was theirs and no one else was allowed to use it. of course, like I predicted, a monster was down there, and we all got shot. I was shot first, then the captain. I was also the first one to be revived. Not everyone had been shot by the time I revived. I again took advantage of the situation and shot my captain again! Greenpiece was one of my favorite missions I ever did!


You've almost survived the hottest week of summer.
Time to celebrate.  Get out the sprinkler.

The kind of office we'd all like to work in.
Imagination and creativity abounds.

Poor teacher.  A creative prank though, I've got to hand it to them.

Creative engineering

What a joy to drive.
An 'elephant' ride in Paris
Imagination: A

What a bathtub.
Creativity: A

A Ski Lift with musical tones

Truly an alien landscape.
Somewhere, wonderful things are waiting to be discovered

Carved from an eggshell

Creative? Yes
Necessary? Not Really

Mother spent $200 on two shirts.
Imagination: A

The temptation is more than you can resist.

Another Potter Item

Learning to ride public tranport in a big city

The Minions are loose.  They are everywhere disguised as fire hydrants.

Know and understand the difference.
Where would you buy demon flesh?
I'm guessing that one hot burger.

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