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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The New Farpoint T-Shirts Are In. Space and Science News. The Imaginarium

Hello Troops,
     Today you get to see the latest in space fashions right from the world's leading fashion houses.
     I asked for something new and different to take the place of the old Space Center t-shirt for our Farpoint Cadets.  What I forgot to mention was our minuscule budget.
     I got a call to sit down with the heads of the fashion houses to see their Farpoint creations.  What do you think?      
Les Maths Sont Portable Collection.
It can also come with rectangles, cubes and for those 
willing to pay for originality, rhombuses

Les Tirettes Sont Trop Communes Collection
from the Jupiter Line for those awash in cash

Son ou le sien et ceux confus
Collection, again from the Jupiter Line.
The backpack is an extra $1200

l'espace est noir Collection
Great for funerals

Rêveur de West Point Collection
From the Battlestar Line.
Great military look

Docteur de l'espace Collection.
For the fashionable Starship Doctor

Commande de flotte Collection
This one was tempting.
Can you imagine all our cadets decked out in this collection?

Complètement Impraticable Collection
Yes, it looks fantastic, but the
name of the collection states the problem.
Not something wearable with the
possibility of a failure in the ship's gravity generators

Une électrocution attendant pour se produire Collection.
Great, fine and all that, just don't wear it in the engine room.
Je suis un chef de bulle Collection
My personal favorite from the woman's' line, but
perhaps distracting during red alerts.

      Troops, its was an impossible decision.  I had to select something for our Farpoint Cadets that was comfortable, quick to put on and take off, inexpensive, and fashionable enough for our cadets to feel comfortable wearing them about town. Did I mention inexpensive?  
     None of the above designs met the criteria.
     "Haven't you got anything else?" I asked the designers.  They looked confused.  I needed to explain.  "We can afford the shoelaces and maybe the socks, but everything above the socks is just too expensive.  Our cadets can't walk around in fashionable shoelaces and socks, can they?"  I asked the designers.  "I need fashion on a budget."
     "Nous ne pouvons pas vous aider. Vous demandez l'impossible!" Monsieur LaPeau exclaimed; his face twisted with muscle spasms.  He motioned for his aide who quickly produced a small pill from her handbag. 
    I heard someone knocking on the window behind me.  I turned around. Outside stood two young men wearing the answer to our problem.  With them was David Kyle Herring, another designer who had fallen on hard times. He motioned for me to step outside.  Obviously he wasn't invited to present his Farpoint collection.
     "What about those two boys out there?  What are they wearing?" I said to Monsieur LaPeau while pointing out the window. 
     Monsieur LaPeau looked out the window and scoffed.  "Ceux sont de la Chambre des Herring. Qui porterait quelque chose de la Maison des Herring ? Vous évidemment devez goûter si vous aimez cela." And with that, he stomped out of the showroom, followed by his aide.
     I waited for them to leave, then rushed outside.
     "Did you buy anything yet?" David Kyle looked desperate, and in need of a good meal.  
     "I can't afford those prices, besides everything I saw in there was impractical."  
     "Isaac, Rich, over here pronto," David Kyle took me by the arm and introduced me to his two young models.  I looked at the shirts.  The fabric resembled the stretchy Under Armor material and it came in at the right price.  
     "Sold," I said extending my hand.  We shook hands and the rest is history.

Issac and Rich modeling the new Farpoint Cadet shirts
The back has the Farpoint motto: "Go Boldly".
Notice the word Farpoint is printed down the left back side of the shirt.

 Cadets, your shirts are in.  You may pick yours up at our next monthly meeting.  I may also drop a few off so you can have them at the two space centers when you go in to volunteer.

Mr. Williamson

Space and Science News

Recent Rocket launches place satellites in orbit

Ariane 5 lifts off from French Guiana. Credit: Arianespace

There's been a salvo of international space launches since the NASA spacewalk emergency. As far as satellite launches go, the most recent was Thursday's (July 25) launch of an Ariane 5 rocket by the European Space Agency. Lifting off from the site in French Guiana, the rocket placed the 6 and a half ton Alphasat 1-XL satellite into orbit. The Alphasat is a new and larger satellite chassis that will allow ESA to place larger and more powerful communications satellites into space. Along for the ride, was smaller satellite INSAT-3D, a weather satellite for India.

There goes another Atlas 5, from Cape Canaveral AFS. Credit: John Studwell/AmericaSpace.

The Atlas 5 just keeps on going... Saturday July 20 saw the venerable rocket liftoff from Cape Canaveral, Florida with the Navy's MUOS-2 communications satellite. The launch occurred from Launch Complex 41 (SLC-41) after a slight upper winds delay. This was number 2 of a planned series of 5 MUOS satellites. The United Launch Alliance (ULA), which operated the launch for the military, claimed that this was the heaviest satellite taken up by the Atlas 5 so far. ULA has another rocket launch coming up in 3 weeks.

Blastoff of the Long March 4C from Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. Credit: Xinhua.

China is always busy launching satellites these days. On Saturday July 20, A long MArch 4C rocket carried 3 satellites into space, testing technology for maintenance in space and other experiments. On Monday July 15 a Long March 2C had blasted off, this time from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, and carried a satellite that included scientific, and possibly military, experiments.

Mark Daymont

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