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Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Stadium of Horrors. More Volunteering Stories from our Cadets. The Imaginarium

Hello Troops,
Happy Independence Day!
A short post today so I can sit beside a sizzling barbecue while downing a triple bypass burger dripping with melted cheese.  I add so much to my burgers they require scaffolding just to remain upright.  Its rumored that ten of my triple bypass burgers could feed a small African country for a week.

Yes, there will be Diet Dew on hand, bone chilled to perfection.  I keep a broom handle next to my lawn chair for two reasons: It helps me walk after eating my weight in cattle, and, when swung regularly in a circular motion, is effective at keeping the gazillion younglings in our extended family at bay.

Pleasant Grove is a great town with its own fireworks show.  The city doesn't try to compete with the Stadium of Fire.  It caters to people like me who've done the Stadium and have sworn never to do it again. The first time I went to the Stadium of Horrors a firework casing hit me in the head, nearly knocking me out of my chair.  The second time I had the misfortune of sitting on the stadium floor.  I had buy ear plugs with my decaff Coke from BYU concessions to keep from going deaf.  Add the smoke and the midnight traffic jam, and you have properly envisioned the Stadium of Horror.

Today we have another volunteering story from one of our cadets.  

Hi! I'm Miranda,
Probably one of the staff members you'll look at... and laugh. Which is good! I love the simulators. Period. I think they're fantastic. I love the deep blue lights that mask the real color of things, I love how for first time campers, who are willing to let the magic over take them, the transports are disconcerting and are the first part of making them feel like they've left their life behind for at least 2 and half hours. I'm happy if I'm flying, doing 2nd chair, acting, and often times, even watching.
I have lots of random stories that may or may not make you giggle. Unfortunately, I can't cohesively think of any currently. If you fly with me, you're bound to hear at least one! (If not, ask for one while we clean up the ship, I'll be more than happy to try to think of one to tell you :) )
I LOVE volunteering! For those who enjoy acting and improv, volunteering can be the ULTIMATE place to practice and increase your ability in different types of acting parts and with thinking quick on your feet. Even with working in the control room, you can learn so much about a mission (especially helpful if you're doctor) it also ends up being a great laugh, because someone will say something and the laughing begins. Besides that, volunteering is a great way to learn amazing work ethic and helps you no matter where you decide to take your future.
I'll be the first to admit that sometimes missions can be difficult, for many different reasons. We all mess up from time time (all of us, everyone that works at the Space Centers.) Even if it whatever the mistake is, seems like the worse thing in the world at the time. It's okay. It'll always blow over in the end. Trust me. If a volunteer can come back from unplugging the Galileo control room in the middle of a flight, you can come back from anything! (Yes, I did unplug the Galileo Control Room my first time flying with the Flight Director who had the flight. We are now friends, and giggle about it.) Also, as long as your shirt is on the right way, you're golden!

The Imaginarium
Make the ordinary, extraordinary 

A perfect name for a florist shop

If land were water and water was land

You want to talk imagination?  Look at these high school fashions from 1969.  Have a laugh at your parent's or grandparent's expense.

That's all you get to chose from:  14 pancakes or 155.

Creative towel folding in an upscale hotel


A Russian monument to the contributions lab rats make to science 

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