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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Tardis in Lehi? What is Mr. Williamson up to? Great Scenes from Science Fiction. Science News. The Imaginarium

The Doctor is Missing.  
Clues Found at Charter School in Lehi, Utah.

     Universal anxiety mounts as the search for the Doctor continues.  Today a promising lead in the investigation came from an anonymous source.  Investigators followed up on the lead, concentrating their search on a rather ordinary looking public charter school in Lehi, Utah, located in the United States on Earth.  Renaissance Academy just happens to be located across a highway from Micron Industries, a large computer memory processing facility.  "A coincidence? I think not," one agent was overheard saying as he filed a verbal report with command.
     Getting into the school and overriding the school's security system was small work for someone equipped with a sonic screwdriver.  Space time irregularities were detected in the school's foyer.  The investigators followed the time fluctuations up one flight of stairs and down a hallway to a classroom.
A sign on the classroom said "London".  "A coincidence? I think not," the same agent was overheard saying as he filed a followup report with command.  
     One twist of the screwdriver and the classroom door opened.  The investigative team entered cautiously.
     "Doctor?" the lead investagator called out.  There was no answer.
     "Look!" another said excitedly.  In the corner of the room sat pieces of the Doctor's Tardis.  A quick survey of the classroom turned up many other pieces.

     "Someone is trying to build a Tardis, and not just any Tardis, an exact replica of the Doctor's Tardis."  The chief investagator pointed to his assistant, then pointed toward the ceiling.  Another quick call was placed to command.
     "Do we think it is a coincidence? I think not," the assistant was overheard saying as he filed a third verbal report with command.   "Chief, command agrees that this cannot be a coincidence.  They are asking for the name of the person building the Tardis."  A quick look through the room answered their question.

      "Our suspect is a bit anal," the Chief surmised after noticing the classroom's desks were all in perfect right angles to match a table and teacher's desk at the front of the room.  

A closer look at the teacher's desk produced a name.
     "Victor Williamson.  Do a quick search and see what you come up with," the Chief ordered.  It didn't take long for the results to come back.
     "Sir, we have something on this Mr. Williamson."
     "Let's have it."  The Chief listened as he examined the teaching awards on the bookshelve.  He wondered if they were real, or part of an elaborate scheme this Mr. Williamson has created to hide his true identity.
     "He just retired from the Alpine School District after thirty years of service.  He is currently listed as a new 6th grade teacher at this Renaissance Academy in Lehi, Utah..."
     "Which by the way is where we are right now," the Chief interrupted, not trusting the mental competence of his junior investigators.  "Continue."
     "This Mr. Williamson was the founder and creator of the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center.  This facility had five starship simulators, used to simulate futuristic voyages into deep space for people ages ten to adult."
     "Do we think it is a coincidence? I think not," the Chief stroked his chin, obviously deep in thought.

     He walked toward the window, stopping to make a mental inventory of the various Tardis pieces strewn about the room.  He stopped when it became clear what they were up against.  "It won't take him long to finish this Tardis."  He looked out the window toward the mountains in the east.  "Who is this Mr. Williamson?  Where did he get his hands on a Tardis, and not just any Tardis, we're talking about an exact replica of the Doctor's Tardis?"  the Chief rubbed both temples with his forefingers.  He could feel a migraine making its first introductions.

     "Bug the room, I want cameras and microphones.  This is not a coincidence.  I feel it in my gut. This Mr. Williamson must know where the Doctor is."  The Chief moved quickly toward the back of the room, stopping long enough to notice a sign that read "USS Voyager".  He turned and paused.  An idea was forming.  He stopped to let it take shape.  He knew the idea would evaporate into the ether if he kept walking.  He raised a finger before speaking.  "We're going to let him finish this Tardis and then have him take us to the Doctor.  Hurry now, be smart about it.  We don't want to get caught."


Great Moments in Modern Science Fiction and Fantasy

Doctor Who and Amy Pond

Star Trek  The Inner Light (The Inspiration for my Space Center mission "Shadows")

Blade Runner (Tears in the Rain)

Space and Science News

The Universe, Gravity, Multiple Dimensions & Micro Black Holes

Of the four fundamental forces of nature, gravity is the most peculiar. It’s the most overreaching of the four forces, binding together structures hundreds of millions of light-years in diameter. Over ‘smaller’ distances, gravity is still king as it is the master of solar systems, the glue that holds them together. Yet the smallest magnets defy gravity with relative ease. Why is gravity so weak? For ages, physicists have been trying to answer that very question.

This is where gravity and other dimensions come together to form one of my favorite theories of gravity (simply because it’s a ridiculously cool-sounding theory). Hypothetically, gravity could literally leak or spill into other dimensions, that lost gravitational energy means we don’t feel the force’s full force. These dimensions could come in several different forms. One such hypothesis suggests these dimensions are smaller than atoms. Another idea suggests these alternate dimensions are the same ‘size’ as ours and just ‘stacked’ on top of and below ours. This could potentially help to answer two other preeminent questions about the nature of the universe with specific regards to the nature of dark energy and inflation.

From the dark energy perspective, if gravity is spilling into other dimensions of space, it won’t be as strong in our universe which would allow for the universe to expand faster than we originally expected. In addition, this leaking could also explain the nature of dark matter. If gravity is leaking between dimensions, it’s possible gravity from other dimensions is leaking into ours. “Dark matter” then becomes the gravitational footprint from objects in alternate dimensions.

How cool is that?

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The Imaginarium
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