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Saturday, August 17, 2013

My New Best Friend. Aleta Clegg's Newest Book Release. Space and Science News. Gigantic IMAGINARIUM

Hello Troops,
     You know how you think you don't need something until you have it only to discovery you can't live without it once you get it?  That happened to me yesterday.  All teachers at Renaissance (home of the future Farpoint Space Education Center) were issued iPad minis yesterday.  We spent the rest of the day in an iPad class where we learned how to use it in our classrooms.  The last half hour or so the presenter showed us the must have apps and games.  After the class I went back to my desk, sat down with my iPad and got better acquainted.
     I have a new best friend and it talks to me.  Siri is an interesting application that I'm sure I'll get use to, although she did disappointment this morning.  She couldn't tell me where my other sock disappeared to (yesterday was laundry day).
     School starts on Tuesday.  This will be the first time since the 1989/1990 school year where I'll be in the classroom all day.  The realization is settling in.  I'm not in panic mode yet, but just wait until Monday night.

Mr. W.

Space Center Legend Aleta Clegg has a New Book on the Market

It's out in paperback! And it looks gorgeous. And it's only $6.64 on Amazon right now.

The Amazon Review
Ready to feel the chills running down your spine? Wait, that's just the green gelatin monster from one of the stories in this collection of very silly (and a few not-so-silly) horror stories. Vampires, werewolves, demons, mummies, and zombies compete with evil little Shirley Temple look-alikes and their collectibles, centerpieces and church women, cops and monster hunters, for your laughs. It's a light-hearted take on the horror genre.

Space and Science News

Science Summary of The Week

➤ New Cancer Treatment:
➤ Artificial Heart:
➤ Brain Consciousness:
➤ Personalized Jetpacks:
➤ New Species:
➤ Brain Personality Traits:

ISS: Russian EVA breaks time record

NASA computer image of spacewalk in progress. Credit: NASA and

Yesterday morning cosmonauts Fyodor Yurchikhin and Alexander Misurkin set a new Russian spacewalk duration record, coming in from the EVA after 7 hours and 29 minutes of maintenance and preparation for the new module coming later this year.

Yurchikhin outside the ISS, installing cable TV. I mean, installing cables for future power routing.

In fact, the cable routing was to extend ethernet wiring from the Zarya and Poisk modules, in preparation for the new module to replace the expiring Pirs module. AT one point in the EVA, cosmonaut Yurchikhim was positioned attached to the Russian cargo boom arm and moved into a working position outside Zarya to work on power cables.

Yurchikhin on the Strela robot arm.

While Yurchikhin continued preparations for the module installation, Misurkin installed an experiment on the outside of the Poisk module and then worked on cable installation as well. This was Misurkins second EVA, and Yurchikhins 7th (!). The EVA was the 172nd ISS spacewalk.
Mark Daymont
Farpoint Educator

Above ground swimming pool

Romanian Doritos "Cool Ranch" renamed.
Only on a New York subway

Anybody want to join the sloth gang?

Awesome painting job with glow in the dark paint

A difficult choice

Someone doesn't know their landmarks
North and South Korea at night

Do you know what that really is?

What Mars would look like if it had water

Creativity: A

Now you know

What's the story here?

A forward thinking Hotel

There's a sad story here

Found on the bottom of a pizza board

A restaurant server could have some fun with this cup. 


I'm thinking of bringing this to my students

A South African crosswalk

In a school's music room
Her dad got a bit creative with scissors and construction paper

Great tape dispenser

Famous historical BW photos colorized 

A southern gas station in the 1930's
Can you figure out how the gas pump worked?
That's your challenge for the day

The magic carpet sits on his skateboard

A Thor's Hammer nightlight

A cool office

Only seen at a Scottish wedding :)

An orange juice toast to the first day of school

Economy class seating on a Pan Am 747 in the 1960's.
(by the way, that's real food on the trolley)

Street art optical illusion.

Forest sculpture

The world's first hipster found in London

This mom means business.
I don't think junior will bully again

What to do when bored at McDonalds

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