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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Astronaut Recounts Near Drowning. The Sun's Fate. Eleven Year Old Genius. Brain to Brain Interface. Buildings of the Future. The Imaginarium.

Italian Astronaut Recounts Near-Drowning in Spacesuit (Video)

Credit: ESO/M. Kornmesser

Oldest Sun Like Star Previews Sun's Fate

Astronomers have found a twin star to Earth's own sun, only much older. The rare star is the oldest known "solar twin," and offers a peek at what Earth's star will look like in 4 billion years.
The star, called HIP 102152, appears to be as similar to the sun in its basic characteristics as any other known star. However, whereas the sun is only 4.6 billion years old, HIP 102152 is 8.2 billion years old, and so represents asun-like star at a very different stage of life. In fact, it's the oldest solar twin ever seen. Read More

11 Year Old Boy Begins Freshman Year At TCU College, Majoring In Quantum Physics - Carson Huey-You

He doesn't live on campus. He can't even drive there. But an 11-year-old is among the new class of undergrads at Texas Christian University -- adjusting to college life, finding the right buildings, settling in for those easy core classes. "I'm taking calculus, physics, history and religion. Those are my four classes," Carson Huey-You told CBS 11 News. Carson is taking a full load of college courses this semester — and studying to become a quantum physicist. He is the youngest student the university has ever had.  Read More

Researcher Controls Colleague’s Motions in 1st Human Brain-to-Brain Interface
University of Washington researchers have performed what they believe is the first noninvasive human-to-human brain interface, with one researcher able to send a brain signal via the Internet to control the hand motions of a fellow researcher.
Using electrical brain recordings and a form of magnetic stimulation, Rajesh Rao sent a brain signal to Andrea Stocco on the other side of the UW campus, causing Stocco’s finger to move on a keyboard.

Smart Buildings, the Future of Building Technology

The Imaginarium
Always making the ordinary, extraordinary

Portal 3 has been located

Look at the speed settings.  Awesome.

An imaginative "Do Not Disturb Sign"

Keeps things from getting soggy

Trick or Treating as a smoke detector

Awe.... he's grown up

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