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Friday, July 18, 2014

Book Your Final Camp Quickly. The Summer Camp Season is Ending. The USS Everest and USS Pathfinder are Taking Shape. The Imaginarium.

Hello Space Center Fans!
     The Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center's (CMSEC) last summer camp is one week away!  Do you think you can catch Stanton Everett, one of the most wanted men in the known galaxy?  He has been seen lurking in neighborhoods close to yours scheming with some very undesirable characters.  
     The CMSEC has a few spots open for their last camp (14 - 17 year olds).  Visit their web site to learn more.

Stanton Everett captured by a closed circuit security camera.
Stanton doesn't pose for photographs. This dislike for photos sprang from
an unfortunate incident during his 5th grade year involving his classmates,
his 5th grade photo, and an unusual haircut given to him by his mother
in a failed attempt to save a few dollars.

Canyon Grove Academy's Everest and Pathfinder Simulators Take Shape

     A few days ago I accompanied Casey Voeks and other DSim executives to Canyon Grove Academy (a K-9 public charter school in Pleasant Grove) to check on the construction progress of the USS Everest and the USS Pathfinder.  The Everest and Pathfinder will be Utah County's  tenth and eleventh starship simulators.  I took a few photos to share with you Troubadours knowing how excited you are to have two new ships to fly in this fall.     

     You're looking from the hallway into the Everest's bridge.  

     This is the hallway separating the two simulators. Noise bleed through may be a problem so extra care is being taken to address the issue.  The Everest is on the left. The Pathfinder is on the right.  Scott and Brandon are standing in their respective entrances.    

     I'm standing on the Everest's bridge looking toward the wall where the ship's main viewer will be located.  Notice there are two small rooms (one on either side of the viewer) on either side of the bridge.  Each of the small rooms has a purpose relating to the functioning of the ship.  Notice that each room also has a hatch leading to the outside.  Hatches are a necessity for any good mission scenario. 

     I'm looking at the back of the Everest's bridge.  The ship will have two tiered platforms housing computer stations. 

     Casey is standing where one set of stairs will be located.  The builder is standing where the others will be.  The two sets of stairs lead to a small platform - which leads to another set of steps which will take you up to the two levels.

     I'm standing on the bridge of the USS Pathfinder looking toward the future home of the ship's main viewer.  The Pathfinder will be a bit smaller than the Everest but no less fun.  It will also have a raised platform running along the back and side wall accessed by a ladder.  Yes, Utah State Risk Management approved the ladder.  If a ladder is approved for one simulator, then it must be approved for other simulators.  A new precedent has been set.  We are all happy about that.   

     A large photo looking through the Everest and into the Pathfinder.

     Brandon stands at the very back of the bridge showing the location of another hatchway.  I'm thinking of the fun the crews will have dealing with whatever comes through those openings!

Mr. Williamson

The Imaginarium

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