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Monday, July 21, 2014

Space Center Programmer Builds a Better Mousetrap. Space Moms Focus Group. This Week in Science and Technology. The Imaginarium

Dallin Miner, Space Center Programmer, Builds a 
Better Mousetrap, Car

Dallin Miner at Work on the Magellan Simulator's New Controls

From the Daily Herald
"The old saying is that if you want the world to beat a path to your door, your should build a better mousetrap. That's also true if you build a better vehicle, powered by a mousetrap.
Two students from Mountain View High School did just that and captured first place in the national Computer Numerical Control Production contest in Washington, D.C. It's the second year of the contest, and the second year Mountain View students took first place. Dallin Miner was on both teams. This year his partner was Andrew Davis."  Read more about Dallin's accomplishment 
Congratulations Dallin!

Discovery Space Center Creating a 
Space Moms Focus Group

The Discovery Space Center is looking for SPACE MOMS (mothers who have children that come to the space center) that are willing to participate in a focus group. They will specifically be working with you to get feedback on the website, missions, camps, and your child's overall experience. 

Please send an email to if you're interested. They're putting a list together and will contact you in a couple of weeks when they can get it scheduled for everyone.

Those who participate will earn a FREE MISSION for their child!

This Week in Science and Technology
From Sci-Tech

Science Summary of The Week

➤ Engineered red blood cells:
➤ New Dwarf Galaxies:
➤ Voyager Spacecraft:
➤ Efficient Artificial Photosynthesis:
➤ Alzheimer's Blood Test:
➤ Finger Reader for The Blind:
➤ Alzheimer's Eye Test:
➤ The World’s Largest Flying Bird:
➤ Photosynthesis in Action:

➤ More Science Graphics Here:

This Week in Technology

➤ Implantable Neural Device:
➤ Dubai Domed City:
➤ Gates Remote Contraceptive:
➤ Google Glass:
➤ MIT Reading Device:
➤ Laser Detects Alcohol:
➤ Google/Novartis:
➤ Microsoft:
➤ Morphing Material:
➤ Silicon Oxide Tech:
➤ Brain Scanning:
➤ Wiki-Bot:

The Imaginarium

One boys answer to the lemonade stand.

Try climbing these stairs wearing only socks

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